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  • Tutorial 04 - PHP Reference Gateway for Airavata - End-User Guide

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Tutorial I - Gateway Login

Create Account or Use CILogon

  1. Create a user account or use CILogon using 'Create Account' on the home page.
  2. For account creation,
    1. Account creation page link:
    2. Please enter the required information and submit.
    3. Important;
      1. Username cannot have spaces.
      2. Username cannot be an email address.
      3. Username & password must be longer than 5 characters.
      4. The password is case sensitive.
      5. All the mandatory fields indicated by a star; *.
  3. Users could use CILogon and get access to the gateway through using campus credential or Gmail account.
  4. Account activation;
    1. The user will receive an email upon creating the account to provided email to confirm the creation. Follow the instructions and login to the gateway using the username and password.
    2. Once the account is confirmed gateway admin has to provide gateway access after validating the user account.
    3. The user will be notified gateway access via email.


  1. Once the account is created successfully and access granted or CILogon is used successfully, then access will be granted to login to the gateway through 'Log In' link in the home page.
    1.  Link:


Tutorial VI - User Settings

User settings is are to add user's own allocation account details and storage details into the gateway. Gateway user can provide their resource allocation details and also add an SSH key for secure communication.

Compute Resource

  1. Users can select the compute resource which they have an allocation and enter details.
  2. Can use the default credential store key generated by the system or can generate new keys and assign.

Storage Resource

Credential Store