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{float:right|width=300px|background=lightcyan|border=solid navy}Note: Recently Apache changed all of its' project's wiki permissions to reduce the amount of spam it was receiving. Now, to edit the wiki, your account needs specific permission. Once you [create an account|], please email stating that you want access to edit the wiki, your confluence wiki username and if you are a committer or not.{float}Traffic Server is a fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server. It was formerly a commercial product created by Inktomi and later aquired by Yahoo! in 2002. Yahoo! maintained the source until its open source release in August 2009.

Today Traffic Server is now a top-level project at the Apache Software Foundation. featured an overview of Traffic Server written by Yahoo!'s Cloud Computing team.


The following mailing lists are available:

To subscribe to these lists, send e-mail to; see list documentation for more information.

Traffic Server developers are also often available on IRC; see


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