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The Web Access Log Viewer portlet options are illustrated in the following figure. From this portlet you can view the Web server logs as well as set filters for refining the results displayed.

The Refresh link on the upper left corner will reset any filtering criteria you may have specified to the Geronimo Administration Console's defaults. In contrast with the other portlets, the Web Access Log Viewer will display all the lines in the log, it will just be limited by your Web browser display capabilities.

The Filter Results: area will let you specify different filtering criteria to further narrowing down your search. For the Web Access Log Viewer this area is divided in three main groups, Date, Identity and Requests.

  • Date:
    Lets you specify a date range. If the Ignore Dates checkbox is selected, filtering will not be done using the date. All log lines that match the other filtering criteria will be displayed regardless of the date.
  • Identity:
    Lets you specify Remote Address (i.e. and Authenticated User (i.e. system).
  • Request:
    Lets you specify the Request Method from and the Requested URI. You can select the Requested Method from a drop-down menu, the possible values are ANY, POST and GET. To filter by Requested URI just enter a URI, for example http://localhost:8080/console/login.jsp.