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For configuring the JMS Server, the JMS Network Listeners portlet is available by selecting JMS Server on the Console Navigation menu on the left hand side. When clicking on JMS Server you will be also presented with the JMS Server Manager portlet that displays the JMS brokers available in the server and theis status. The following figures illustrate these two portlets and options.

From the JMS Network Listeners portlet you can add new listeners as well as change the status (stop, start, delete) of the existing ones. The available options for adding connectors to ActiveMQ are already shown in the figure.

To add a new connector to ActiveMQ click on the appropriate link. The following figure illustrates the different parameters needed for creating these connectors. This process is very simple and the parameters are self explanatory, fill in with your values and click on Save.

Note that the same options will be presented independently of which listener you want to add.

Details on how to configure connection factories, queues, topics and destinations are covered in the next section Configuring JMS.