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$ git clone # clone the old svn which will be used as a source for the migration
$ cd sling-old-svn-mirror
$ echo contrib/scripting/esx > repo-candidates.txt # file name is not important, but it's helpful to have the name(s) stores in a central place
$ ./tooling/scm/scripts/ -c < repo-candidates.txt # converts the repositories locally in ../sling-modules/
$ ./tooling/scm/scripts/ -r < repo-candidates.txt # provisions the git repository on github/gitbox . Github permissions take 30-60 minutes to sync, you will not be able to push to this repo immediately
$ cp LICENSE ../sling-modules/sling-org-apache-sling-scripting-esx/ && cd ../sling-modules/sling-org-apache-sling-scripting-esx/ && git add LICENSE && git commit -m 'Added LICENSE file' && cd -
$ ./tooling/scm/scripts/ -p < repo-candidates.txt # after verifying that the repository is writable on github

Once the repository is provisioned add it to the sling-aggregator repo by following the instructions from the aggregator README.

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