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  1. First you need to ask yourself, which branch you need to commit into ? Usually you should commit it to master, if there's one release based on another branch, you should also commit into that branch ( use cherry-pick as below ). If you are not sure about this , send a message to the Tez developer mailing list.
  2. For each commit, you should also update the CHANGES.txt, including which release this JIRA will go in and add details to the INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES section if it is an incompatible change. Our convention is to put your change on the top of change list. CHANGES.txt should contain an entry in each version that the JIRA is committed to. e.g. If a patch is committed to master (0.8.1) and branch-0.7 (0.7.1), then CHANGES.txt in master will contain an entry under version 0.8.1 and 0.7.1. CHANGES.txt in branch-0.7 will contain the JIRA under the 0.7.1 change list. Put the new entry at the top of the change list. 
  3. Any patch that is applied and committed should have been previously uploaded to JIRA by the author. In certain scenarios, when fixing minor nits, the committer can make a change, upload the patch with the minor modification to JIRA and then commit the modified patch.