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We follow a variant of the javascript code conventions defined by Douglas Crockford:

Variations and affirmations:

  • Indentation:
    • We use 2 spaces, and tabs are disused.
    • Ensure that braces and parentheses are aligned to the line it opened from.
    • Its better to limit a line to 100 characters.
      • But when you break, end with an operator, preferably coma.
      • The next line should be indented 4 spaces.
      • Use the same operator to break a statement.
      • If possible ensure that the statement is broken in all occurrences of the operator.

  • Variable Declarations:
    • Private properties and functions must start with an '_' (underscore). This improves readability.
    • Constants and globals should be in all caps.
    • Define all variables at the top of the function.
    • It is preferred that each variable be given its own line.
    • Comment after the variable in the same line using //, and comment where it makes sense.
    • Better if variables are logically grouped, separated by an empty line.

      Code Block
      var id,   // Application id
          name, // Application name
          startTime, // Time at which execution started
          endTime,   // Time at which execution ended
          status; // Current application status 
      • Comments in a group must start from the same column.

      • Remember, 4 spaces to intent on line break.

    • Alphabetic order is not mandatory.

  • Statements:
    • Braces should be used around all statements, even single statements, when they are part of a control structure, such as an if or for statement.
    • Assignment statement that is assigning a function literal or object literal is still an assignment statement and must end with a semicolon.

  • Files & folders:
    • All file & folder names must be in lowercase, with words separated by '-' (hyphen)
    • No trailing spaces.
    • All files must have apache license headers.
    • No unused commented code.
    • With js files, would be great if the file name, is similar to the class it represent. Eg: abc-def-controller.js for a file with class AbcDefController.

  • Space:
    • All binary operators except . (period) and ( (left parenthesis) and [ (left bracket) should be separated from their operands by a space.
    • No space should separate a unary operator and its operand except when the operator is a word such as typeof.
      • a >= b, a + b, a ? a : b etc.
    • Blank lines improve readability by setting off sections of code that are logically related.

  • Others:
    • Refrain from using with, labels & continue.
    • Create jira tickets for each TODOs with the label TEZ-UI-TODO.
    • Avoid eval
    • Namespace must start with a capital letter.