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Comment: New branch only => update the developers page on site


  1. Create a release tag named: release<YY.MM.NN>
    1. For example: release18.12.02
    2. Create the release tag on all the relevant repositories such as ofbiz-framework and ofbiz-plugins 
  2. Export/extract the release branch in a local folder named apache-ofbiz-<YY.MM.NN>
  3. Modify the following files in the main folder:
    1. edit the LICENSE file: if it is a framework+plugins release then simply remove the LICENSE file under plugins; if it is a framework only release then edit the LICENSE file to remove the references to plugins; if it is a plugin release that add NOTICE and check the validity of the LICENSE file (or add one if missing);
    2. put the release version number in the VERSION file.
  4. Remove the Gradle wrapper bin files
  5. Compress the exported folder as apache-ofbiz-<YY.MM.NN>.zip
  6. Create an OpenPGP Compatible ASCII Armored Detached Signature named apache-ofbiz-<YY.MM.NN>.zip.asc
  7. Create an SHA512 Checksum named apache-ofbiz-<YY.MM.NN>.zip.sha512
  8. Commit the 3 release files to
  9. Update the developers page on site: and the doap_OFBiz.rdf file

Voting on a release


  1. Create a new branch named release<YY.MM>
    1. For example: release18.12 is the name of the release branch created in December, 2018
  2. Edit the VERSION file in the OFBiz home folder to contain the same <YY.MM> of the release branch
  3. In Jira, rename the version "Upcoming Branch" into "<YY.MM.01>" (i.e. the name of the first release of the new branch)
  4. In Jira, create a new version named "Upcoming Branch" and move to it all the open tasks that were assigned to "Upcoming Branch" and are not planned to be resolved in <YY.MM.01>
  5. Check Creating a new branch in BuildBot and update the file
  6. Update the demos documentation, the next-manual and next patches files under demo-backup
  7. In the new main README.adoc change from trunk to  release<YY.MM> where it fits
  8. Update the GitHub workflows files changing from trunk to  release<YY.MM> where it fits.
    Notably m
    odify .github/workflows/codeql-analysis.yml, <<branches: "[ trunk ]">> to <<branches: "[ release<YY.MM> ]">
  9. Update the developers page on site:

Branch EOL (End Of Life)

In order to help our users to decide about what to do with branches EOL we decide x months ago to send an announcement. When the time is passed we send a confirmation announcement about the EOL.