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In the race to develop the next big innovation in mobile applications the focus is often hot new technologies like distributed data stores or "platform as a service". Critical business components like inventory management, accounting and order fulfillment may not be addressed until far too late in the game. OFBiz is not a new technology but it provides a set of business components that few systems can match. In this talk we will see how OFBiz can be used to provide RESTful business services to JavaScript single page applications using hot web technologies like RequireJS and Backbone. We'll talk about the relationship between these kinds of interfaces and the current OFBiz page rendering technologies and open the floor for a spirited discussion of where they could take OFBiz in the future.


Abstract Summary:


 Using Docker for Development of Production Systems based on OFBiz

Development of ofbiz-based projects has, in the past, been limited to what could be installed easily from a quick source code checkout. In ofbiz, the default configuration attempts to use java to provide all resources, apis, and automata one would need. This makes getting up and running quickly, but a production deployment is seldom done this way.