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 This proposal simplifies the process of managing shared networks and allows an external network hardware to act as router instead of a VirtualRouter.


Document history

  • 1.0 - Initial version


  • All new files are in plugins/network-elements/globonetwork

  • api/src/com/cloud/network/ Created new provider called GloboNetwork

  • api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/network/ Created new device called GloboNetwork

  • api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/api/ GuruName constant

  • api/src/org/apache/cloudstack/api/response/ Included GuruName in NetworkResponse

  • client/pom.xml: Included plugin dependency

  • client/tomcatconf/ declared all new commands (refer to Web Services API section)

  • plugins/pom.xml: included plugin module

  • server/src/com/cloud/api/ Included GuruName in NetworkResponse

  • ui/scripts/system.js: Detail view of plugin configuration and vlan/network environment association

  • ui/scripts/globonetwork.js: UI integration with globonetwork plugin

  • ui/scripts/sharedFunctions.js: ability for regular users to restart and remove shared networks managed by GloboNetwork

  • …. others (ui/scripts/sharedFunctionsnetwork.js): included form to create network in GloboNetwork

Known Issues

  • After enabling GloboNetwork provider, a new network guru (GloboNetworkGuru) becomes active for deploying and managing shared network offerings. This conflicts with DirectNetworkGuru. Therefore, when creating new networks with a shared network offering, two networks are deployed, one for each guru. A possible fix is to create a new relationship between network offering and network guru, so that each offering only has one network guru associated to it.

  • UI for networks now include three buttons - Add Isolated Network, Add Guest Network and Add GloboNetwork Network. A possible fix is to create a select box in the form for creating new networks to choose which kind of network to create.

  • Cloudstack does not allow regular users to delete networks. Since GloboNetwork plugin adds this functionality, it was needed to create a new API command (deleteNetworkInGloboNetworkCmd) to execute this action as admin. This is a work-around and should be addressed more carefully in Cloudstack permission checks to allow users to remove networks if it is managed by GloboNetworkGuru.

Use cases

Enable plugin in Zone