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  1. First, in each of the repos, create and push a new tag, like jclouds-1.6.3, pointing at the same commit as the RC tag we included in the vote emails. Push those tags to the remote. 
    1. git tag rel/jclouds-1.9.0 rel/jclouds-1.9.0-rc1 

    2. git push origin rel/jclouds-1.9.0 

  2. Push the release branch. It contains the commit that updates all versions to the next SNAPSHOT and all jclouds.version properties

    1. git push origin 1.9.x
  3. Checkout Create a new directory for the release, i.e., 1.9.0. Copy the release artifacts from the RC into that directory. Point the stable symlink to that new directory. svn add the new directory and the stable symlink, and svn rm any old releases (i.e., any older 1.9.x releases) - these are archived on, but shouldn't be in the primary dist area. svn ci - your added files should show up on shortly, but will take a while to propagate to the various mirrors. 

  4. While waiting, go to, log in, and go to Staging Repositories. Select the staging repo for the RC, and click Release - this will move the artifacts into the releases repo, and from there they'll be synced to Maven Central as well. 

  5. If you've got admin access to JIRA, mark the version you just released as, well, released, and if the next version in the train doesn't already exist, create it. If you're not in the JIRA admins for jclouds, drop an email to the dev list asking for someone to do this. 
  6. Create the release notes in the jclouds main site and update the DOAP file to include the new release there.
  7. Once the release bits have shown up on the mirrors, send the following email, updating the content accordingly, to and