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Comment: CAMEL-8777



URI Format


accessTokenStringOAuth 2 access token. This typically expires after an hour so refreshToken is recommended for long term usage.
applicationNameStringGoogle calendar application name. Example would be "camel-google-calendar/1.0"
clientIdStringClient ID of the calendar application
clientSecretStringClient secret of the calendar application


OAuth 2 refresh token. Using this, the Google Calendar component can obtain a new accessToken whenever the current one expires - a necessity if the application is long-lived.
scopesList<String>Specifies the level of permissions you want a calendar application to have to a user account. See for more info.
emailAddressStringSince Camel 2.16.0, the emailAddress of the Google Service Account.
p12FileNameStringSince Camel 2.16.0, the name of the p12 file which has the private key to use with the Google Service Account.

Producer Endpoints


Producer endpoints can use endpoint prefixes followed by endpoint names and associated options described next. A shorthand alias can be used for some endpoints. The endpoint URI MUST contain a prefix.