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titleWeb UI SSO Flow (SAML)
footbox off
participant Browser as B
participant UI as A
participant Knox as G
participant SAML_IdP as E

B->A: GET(ui-origin-url)
note right: User/browser makes request to UI without valid token
activate A
A-->B: redirect(knox-sso+ui-origin-url)
note right: AuthFilter in UI detects no/invalid token redirects to\nKnoxSSO preserving ui-origin-url
deactivate A
B->G: GET(knox-sso+ui-origin-url)
note right: Browser follows redirect
activate G
G-->B: redirect(idp-login-ui)
note right: KnoxSSO finds no/invalid token, redirects to SAML IdP
deactivate G
B->E: GETPOST(idp-login-ui)
note right: Browser follows redirect
activate E
E-->B: ok(idp-login-ui)
note right: SAML IdP presents login form to user
deactivate E
B->E: POST(idp-login-ui,credentials)
note right: User provides credentials to IdP via login form.\nSAML IdP validates credentials.
activate E
E-->B: redirect(knox-sso,saml-assertion)
note right: IdP redirects back to knox-origin-url with SAML assertion\nin form POST
deactivate E
B->G: POST(knox-sso,saml-assertion)
note right: KnoxSSO converts SAML assertion to a KnoxSSO cookie\nand extracts ui-origin-url from original-url cookie
activate G
G-->B: redirect(ui-origin-url,knox-token)
note right: KnoxSSO redirects client back to ui-origin-url with KnoxSSO cookie
deactivate G
B->A: GET(ui-origin-url,knox-token)
note right: Browser follows redirect to ui-origin-url with JWT Bearer Token in cookie.\nJWT Bearer Token validated by AuthFilter in UI
activate A
A->B: ok(ui-cookie)
note right: Request processes and response returned to client.
deactivate A