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Comment: JIRA Issue macro params updated with additional server info
ConnectorDelta Read / FetchDelta Write / MergePriority for 1.99.5 / 1.99.6 releaseSupported in Release

Generic JDBC Connector




Type of WriteSupported
Append new records, i.e INSERT onlyYes
Merge updates for old records, INSERT or UPDATEYes
HIGH1.99.5 or higher

HDFS Standalone connector

N/A ( not applicable)

Yes, format supported only Text

Type of Write 
Append new recordsYes
Merge updates from old recordsNo
HIGH1.99.5 or higher

Kite Connector HDFS

No ticket yet.

N/A ( not applicable)

Yes, format support Avro and Parquet ( confirm ??)


HIGH 1.99.5 or higher

Kite Connector HIVE



Kite Connector Hbase

Hbase Connector  MED 
Kafka ConnectorYES (record topic,partition,offset tuples and always fetch from last_values)Append will be supported (just write values...)
Can't do a Merge/update 
LOW (FROM connector doesn't exist yet...)