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Comment: Completed KIP-1019, for 3.8.0 release


KIP (please keep this sorted by KIP number)


KIP-1022: Formatting and Updating Features

Accepted, targeting 3.8.0

KIP-1019: Expose method to determine Metric Measurability

Accepted, Targeting 3.8.0

KIP-1013: Drop broker and tools support for Java 11 in Kafka 4.0 (deprecate in 3.7)


KIP-1012: The need for a Kafka 3.8.x release


KIP-1005: Expose EarliestLocalOffset and TieredOffset


KIP-1004: Enforce tasks.max property in Kafka Connect


KIP-1001: Add CurrentControllerId Metric 


KIP-1000: List Client Metrics Configuration Resources


KIP-996: Pre-Vote

TBD (targeting 3.8.0/4.0.0)

KIP-994: Minor Enhancements to ListTransactions and DescribeTransactions APIs

TBD (targeting 3.8.0)

KIP-993: Allow restricting files accessed by File and Directory ConfigProviders

KIP-992: Proposal to introduce IQv2 Query Types: TimestampedKeyQuery and TimestampedRangeQuery


KIP-988: Streams Standby Task Update Listener


KIP-985: Add reverseRange and reverseAll query over kv-store in IQv2


KIP-980: Allow creating connectors in a stopped state


KIP-979: Allow independently stop KRaft processes

TBD (targeting 3.7.0)

KIP-978: Allow dynamic reloading of certificates with different DN / SANs


KIP-977: Partition-level Throughput Metrics

TBD (targeting 3.8.0)

KIP-976: Cluster-wide dynamic log adjustment for Kafka Connect


KIP-975: Docker Image for Apache Kafka


KIP-974: Docker Image for GraalVM based Native Kafka Broker

TBD (targeting 3.7.0)

KIP-970: Deprecate and remove Connect's redundant task configurations endpoint

3.7.0 (deprecation)

4.0.0 (removal)

KIP-968: Support single-key_multi-timestamp Interactive Queries (IQv2) for Versioned State Stores 


KIP-966: Eligible Leader Replicas


KIP-963: Additional metrics in Tiered Storage


KIP-962: Relax non-null key requirement in Kafka Streams


KIP-960: Support single-key_single-timestamp Interactive Queries (IQv2) for Versioned State Stores


KIP-959: Add BooleanConverter to Kafka Connect


KIP-956 Tiered Storage Quotas

Accepted, Targeting 3.8.0

KIP-954: expand default DSL store configuration to custom types3.7.0

KIP-951: Leader discovery optimisations for the client


KIP-949: Add flag to enable the usage of topic separator in MM2 DefaultReplicationPolicy

Adopted, targeting 3.6

KIP-942: Add Power(ppc64le) support


KIP-941: Range queries to accept null lower and upper bounds3.6.0
KIP-938: Add more metrics for measuring KRaft performanceTBD
KIP-937: Improve Message Timestamp Validation3.6.0
KIP-927: Improve the kafka-metadata-quorum output3.6.0
KIP-925: Rack aware task assignment in Kafka Streams3.7.0 (completed)
3.6.0 (partially implemented)
KIP-923: Add A Grace Period to Stream Table Join3.6.0

KIP-919: Allow AdminClient to Talk Directly with the KRaft Controller Quorum and add Controller Registration

KIP-917: Additional custom metadata for remote log segment3.6.0
KIP-915: Txn and Group Coordinator Downgrade Foundation3.5.0
KIP-914: DSL Processor Semantics for Versioned Stores3.5.0
KIP-911: Add source tag to Mirror source metric3.5.0
KIP-909: DNS Resolution Failure Should Not Fail the ClientsTBD
KIP-907: Add Boolean Serde to public interface3.5.0
KIP-906: Tools migration guidelines3.5.0
KIP-904: Kafka Streams - Guarantee subtractor is called before adder if key has not changed3.5.0
KIP-903: Replicas with stale broker epoch should not be allowed to join the ISR3.5.0
KIP-902: Upgrade Zookeeper to
KIP-900: KRaft API additions to support SCRAM for Kafka Brokers3.5.0
KIP-898: Modernize Connect plugin discovery3.6.0
KIP-896: Remove old client protocol API versions in Kafka 4.0

3.7.0 - new metric & request log attribute

4.0.0 - actual removal

KIP-894: Use incrementalAlterConfig for syncing topic configurations 3.5.0
KIP-893: The Kafka protocol should support nullable structs3.5.0
KIP-892: Transactional Semantics for StateStores

TBD (targeting 3.7.0)

KIP-890: Transactions Server-Side Defensepart 1 - 3.7.0
part 2 - targeting 3.8.0
KIP-889: Versioned State Stores3.5.0
KIP-887: Add ConfigProvider to make use of environment variables3.5.0
KIP-884: Add config to configure KafkaClientSupplier in Kafka Streams3.5.0
KIP-881: Rack-aware Partition Assignment for Kafka Consumers

3.4.0 (protocol)

3.5.0 (assignors)

KIP-878: Autoscaling for Stateless & Statically Partitioned StreamsTBD
KIP-876: Time based cluster metadata snapshots3.4.0
KIP-875: First-class offsets support in Kafka Connect

3.5.0 (STOPPED state, offsets read API)

3.6.0 (offsets alter/reset APIs)

KIP-872: Add Serializer#serializeToByteBuffer() to reduce memory copyingAccepted
KIP-869: Improve Streams State Restoration Visibility3.5.0 (partially implemented) / TDB
KIP-868 Metadata Transactions3.6.0
KIP-866 ZooKeeper to KRaft Migration3.4.0
KIP-865: Support --bootstrap-server in kafka-streams-application-reset3.4.0
KIP-863: Reduce CompletedFetch#parseRecord() memory copyTBD
KIP-862: Self-join optimization for stream-stream joins3.4.0
KIP-859: Add Metadata Log Processing Error Related Metrics3.3.0
KIP-858: Handle JBOD broker disk failure in KRaft3.7.0
KIP-854 Separate configuration for producer ID expiry3.4.0
KIP-852: Optimize calculation of size for log in remote tierAccepted. Targeting 3.6.0.
KIP-851: Add requireStable flag into ListConsumerGroupOffsetsOptions3.3.0
KIP-848: The Next Generation of the Consumer Rebalance ProtocolTBD
KIP-847: Add ProducerIdCount metrics3.5.0
KIP-846: Source/sink node metrics for Consumed/Produced throughput in Streams3.3.0
KIP-843: Adding addMetricIfAbsent method to Metrics3.3.0
KIP-841: Fenced replicas should not be allowed to join the ISR in KRaft3.3.0
KIP-840: Config file option for MessageReader/MessageFormatter in ConsoleProducer/ConsoleConsumer3.4.0
KIP-837: Allow MultiCasting a Result Record.3.4.0
KIP-836: Expose replication information of the cluster metadata3.3.0
KIP-835: Monitor KRaft Controller Quorum Health3.3.0
KIP-834: Pause / Resume KafkaStreams Topologies3.3.0
KIP-833: Mark KRaft as Production Ready3.3.0
KIP-831: Add metric for log recovery progress3.3.0
KIP-830: Allow disabling JMX Reporter3.4.0
KIP-827: Expose logdirs total and usable space via Kafka API3.3.0
KIP-825: introduce a new API to control when aggregated results are produced3.3.0
KIP-824: Allowing dumping segmentlogs limiting the batches in the output3.3.0
KIP-821: Connect Transforms support for nested structuresTBD
KIP-820: Extend KStream process with new Processor API3.3.0
KIP-815: Support max-timestamp in GetOffsetShell3.2.0
KIP-814: Static membership protocol should let the leader skip assignment3.2.0
KIP-813: Shareable State StoresTBD
KIP-812: Introduce another form of the `KafkaStreams.close()` API that forces the member to leave the consumer group3.3.0
KIP-811: Add config to Kafka Streams3.2.0

KIP-810: Allow producing records with null values in Kafka Console Producer

KIP-808: Add support for different unix precisions in TimestampConverter SMT3.2.0
KIP-806: Add session and window query over kv-store in IQv23.2.0
KIP-805: Add range and scan query over kv-store in IQv23.2.0
KIP-801: Implement an Authorizer that stores metadata in __cluster_metadata3.2.0
KIP-800: Add reason to JoinGroupRequest and LeaveGroupRequest3.2.0
KIP-798: Add possibility to write kafka headers in Kafka Console Producer3.2.0
KIP-797: Accept duplicate listener on port for IPv4/IPv63.6.0
KIP-796: Interactive Query v2TBD
KIP-794: Strictly Uniform Sticky Partitioner3.3.0
KIP-793: Allow sink connectors to be used with topic-mutating SMTs3.6.0
KIP-792: Add "generation" field into consumer protocol3.4.0
KIP-791: Add Record Metadata to StateStoreContext3.2.0
KIP-788: Allow configuring per listener3.2.0
KIP-787: MM2 manage Kafka resources with custom Admin implementation.3.4.0
KIP-784: Add top-level error code field to DescribeLogDirsResponse3.2.0
KIP-783: Add TaskId field to StreamsException3.1.0
KIP-779: Allow Source Tasks to Handle Producer Exceptions3.2.0
KIP-778: KRaft to KRaft Upgrades3.3.0
KIP-775: Custom partitioners in foreign key joins3.1.0
KIP-773: Differentiate consistently metric latency measured in millis and nanos3.1.0
KIP 771: KRaft brokers without the "controller" role should not expose controller metrics3.0.0
KIP-770: Replace "buffered.records.per.partition" with "input.buffer.max.bytes"3.4.0 (WIP)

KIP-769: Connect APIs to list all connector plugins and retrieve their configuration definitions

KIP-768: Extend SASL/OAUTHBEARER with Support for OIDC3.1.0
KIP-766: fetch/findSessions queries with open endpoints for SessionStore/WindowStore3.1.0
KIP-764: Configurable backlog size for creating Acceptor3.2.0
KIP-763: Range Queries with Open Endpoints3.1.0
KIP-761: Add Total Blocked Time Metric to Streams3.1.0
KIP-751: Drop support for Scala 2.12 in Kafka 4.0 (deprecate in 3.0)3.0.0 (deprecation notice), 4.0.0 (support withdrawal)
KIP-750: Drop support for Java 8 in Kafka 4.0 (deprecate in 3.0)3.0.0 (deprecation notice), 4.0.0 (support withdrawal)
KIP-748: Add Broker Count Metrics3.1.0
KIP-746: Revise KRaft Metadata Records3.0.0
KIP-745: Connect API to restart connector and tasks3.0.0
KIP-744: Migrate TaskMetadata and ThreadMetadata to an interface with internal implementation3.0.0
KIP-743: Remove config value 0.10.0-2.4 of Streams built-in metrics version config3.0.0
KIP-741: Change default serde to be null3.0.0
KIP-740: Clean up public API in TaskId3.0.0
KIP-738: Removal of Connect's internal converter properties3.0.0
KIP-735: Increase default consumer session timeout3.0.0
KIP-734: Improve AdminClient.listOffsets to return timestamp and offset for the record with the largest timestamp3.0.0
KIP-733: change Kafka Streams default replication factor config3.0.0
KIP-732: Deprecate eos-alpha and replace eos-beta with eos-v23.0.0
KIP-730: Producer ID generation in KRaft mode3.0.0
KIP-726: Make the "cooperative-sticky, range" as the default assignorWIP
KIP-725: Streamlining configurations for WindowedSerializer and WindowedDeserializer.3.0.0
KIP-724: Drop support for message formats v0 and v1

3.0.0 (deprecation)

4.0.0 (removal)

KIP-722: Enable connector client overrides by default3.0.0
KIP-721: Enable connector log contexts in Connect Log4j configuration3.0.0
KIP-720: Deprecate MirrorMaker v13.0.0
KIP-719: Deprecate Log4J AppenderWIP
KIP-716: Allow configuring the location of the offset-syncs topic with MirrorMaker23.0.0
KIP-715: Expose Committed offset in streams3.0.0
KIP-714: Client metrics and observability3.7.0
KIP-710: Full support for distributed mode in dedicated MirrorMaker 2.0 clusters3.5.0
KIP-709: Extend OffsetFetch requests to accept multiple group ids.3.3.0
KIP-708: Rack aware StandbyTask assignment for Kafka Streams3.2.0
KIP-707: The future of KafkaFuture3.0.0

KIP-704: Send a hint to the partition leader to recover the partition

KIP-700: Add Describe Cluster API2.8.0

KIP-699: Update FindCoordinator to resolve multiple Coordinators at a time

KIP-698: Add Explicit User Initialization of Broker-side State to Kafka StreamsWIP / inactive
KIP-696: Update Streams FSM to clarify ERROR state meaning2.8.0
KIP-695: Further Improve Kafka Streams Timestamp Synchronization3.0.0
KIP-691: Enhance Transactional Producer Exception HandlingWIP / inactive
KIP-690: Add additional configuration to control MirrorMaker 2 internal topics naming convention3.1.0
KIP-679: Producer will enable the strongest delivery guarantee by default3.0.0
KIP-689: Extend `StreamJoined` to allow more store configs2.8.0
KIP-684 - Support mutual TLS authentication on SASL_SSL listeners2.8.0
KIP-680: TopologyTestDriver should not require a Properties argument2.8.0
KIP-676: Respect logging hierarchy2.8.0
KIP-673: Emit JSONs with new auto-generated schema2.8.0
KIP-671: Introduce Kafka Streams Specific Uncaught Exception Handler2.8.0
KIP-666: Add Instant-based methods to ReadOnlySessionStore3.0.0
KIP-663: API to Start and Shut Down Stream Threads2.8.0
KIP-662: Throw Exception when Source Topics of a Streams App are Deleted2.7.0

KIP-661: Expose task configurations in Connect REST API

KIP-659: Improve TimeWindowedDeserializer and TimeWindowedSerde to handle window size2.8.0
KIP-654: Aborted transaction with non-flushed data should throw a non-fatal exception2.7.0
KIP-653: Upgrade log4j to log4j23.2.0 (WIP)
KIP-651 - Support PEM format for SSL certificates and private key2.7.0
KIP-648 Renaming getter method for Interactive Queries2.7.0
KIP-641 An new java interface to replace 'kafka.common.MessageReader'3.5.0
KIP-635: GetOffsetShell: support for multiple topics and consumer configuration override3.0
KIP-633: Deprecate 24-hour Default Grace Period for Windowed Operations in Streams3.0.0
KIP-632: Add DirectoryConfigProvider2.7.0
KIP-631: The Quorum-based Kafka Controller2.8.0
KIP-630: Kafka Raft Snapshot3.0.0
KIP-629: Use racially neutral terms in our codebase3.0.0

KIP-627: Expose Trogdor-specific JMX Metrics for Tasks and Agents

KIP-626: Rename StreamsConfig config variable name2.7.0
KIP-623: Add "internal-topics" option to streams application reset tool3.0.0
KIP-622: Add currentSystemTimeMs and currentStreamTimeMs to ProcessorContext3.0.0
KIP-621: Deprecate and replace DescribeLogDirsResult.all() and .values()2.7.0
KIP-620 Deprecate ConsumerConfig#addDeserializerToConfig and ProducerConfig#addSerializerToConfig2.7.0
KIP-618: Exactly-Once Support for Source Connectors

3.3.0 (almost everything)

3.2.0 (new admin client API)

KIP-617: Allow Kafka Streams State Stores to be iterated backwards2.7.0
KIP-616: Rename implicit Serdes instances in kafka-streams-scala2.7.0
KIP-614: Add Prefix Scan support for State Stores2.8.0
KIP-613: Add end-to-end latency metrics to Streams2.6.0 (INFO node-level metrics), remainder 2.7.0 (TRACE store-level metrics) 
KIP-612: Ability to Limit Connection Creation Rate on Brokers2.7.0 / 2.8.0
KIP-610: Error Reporting in Sink Connectors2.6.0
KIP-608 - Expose Kafka Metrics in AuthorizerWIP
KIP-607: Add Metrics to Kafka Streams to Report Properties of RocksDB2.7.0
KIP-606: Add Metadata Context to MetricsReporter2.6.0
KIP-605: Expand Connect Worker Internal Topic Settings2.6.0
KIP-604: Remove ZooKeeper Flags from the Administrative Toolsone part in 2.6.0, most parts scheduled for 3.0
KIP-602: Change default value for client.dns.lookup2.6.0
KIP-601: Configurable socket connection timeout2.7.0
KIP-599: Throttle Create Topic, Create Partition and Delete Topic Operations2.7.0
KIP-597: MirrorMaker2 internal topics Formatters2.7.0
KIP-594: Expose output topic names from TopologyTestDriver2.6.0
KIP-591: Add Kafka Streams config to set default state store3.2.0 (WIP)
KIP-590: Redirect Zookeeper Mutation Protocols to The Controller2.8.0 (WIP)
KIP-589 Add API to update Replica state in Controller2.8.0 (WIP)
KIP-588: Allow producers to recover gracefully from transaction timeouts2.8.0 (WIP)
KIP-586: Deprecate commit records without record metadata2.6.0
KIP-585: Filter and Conditional SMTs2.6.0
KIP-584: Versioning scheme for features2.7.0
KIP-581: Value of optional null field which has default value3.5.0
KIP-580: Exponential Backoff for Kafka Clients3.7.0
KIP-577: Allow HTTP Response Headers to be Configured for Kafka Connect2.6.0
KIP-574: CLI Dynamic Configuration with file input2.6.0
KIP-573: Enable TLSv1.3 by default2.6.0
KIP-572: Improve timeouts and retries in Kafka Streams2.8.0 (partially implemented in 2.7.0)
KIP-571: Add option to force remove members in StreamsResetter2.6.0

KIP-570: Add leader epoch in StopReplicaRequest

KIP-569: DescribeConfigsResponse - Update the schema to include additional metadata information of the field2.6.0
KIP-568: Explicit rebalance triggering on the Consumer2.6.0
KIP-562: Allow fetching a key from a single partition rather than iterating over all the stores on an instance2.5.0 
KIP-559: Make the Kafka Protocol Friendlier with L7 Proxies2.5.0
KIP-558: Track the set of actively used topics by connectors in Kafka Connect2.5.0
KIP-557: Add emit on change support for Kafka StreamsImplemented for KTable source nodes in 2.6.0, full implementation planned for subsequent releases.
KIP-555: Deprecate direct Zookeeper access in Kafka administrative tools2.5.0
KIP-554: Add Broker-side SCRAM Config API2.7.0
KIP-553: Disable all SSL protocols except TLSV1.2 by default.2.5.0
KIP-551: Expose disk read and write metrics2.6.0
KIP-546: Add Client Quota APIs to the Admin Client2.6.0 (describe/alter), remainder pending (resolve)
KIP-545: support automated consumer offset sync across clusters in MM
KIP-544: Make metrics exposed via JMX configurable2.5.0
KIP-543: Expand ConfigCommand's non-ZK functionality2.5.0
KIP-541: Create a fetch.max.bytes configuration for the broker2.5.0
KIP-538: Add a metric tracking the number of open connections with a given SSL cipher type2.5.0
KIP-537: Increase default zookeeper session timeout2.5.0
KIP-535: Allow state stores to serve stale reads during rebalance2.5.0
KIP-534: Reorganize checkpoint system in log cleaner to per partition 3.1.0
KIP-533: Add default api timeout to AdminClient2.5.0

KIP-532: Broker Consumer Lag metrics in size and time

WIP / inactive
KIP-531: Drop support for Scala 2.11 in Kafka 2.5Initial version in 2.5.0, remainder in later release (WIP)
KIP-530: Consider renaming 'UsePreviousTimeOnInvalidTimeStamp' class to 'UsePartitionTimeOnInvalidTimeStamp'2.5.0
KIP-528: Deprecate PartitionGrouper configuration and interface2.4.0
KIP-527: Add VoidSerde to Serdes2.5.0
KIP-526: Reduce Producer Metadata Lookups for Large Number of Topics2.5.0
KIP-525 - Return topic metadata and configs in CreateTopics response2.4.0 
KIP-524: Allow users to choose config source when describing configs2.5.0
KIP-523: Add KStream#toTable to the Streams DSL2.5.0
KIP-521: Enable redirection of Connect's log4j messages to a file by default2.4.0
KIP-519: Make SSL context/engine configuration extensible2.6.0
KIP-518: Allow listing consumer groups per state2.6.0
KIP-517: Add consumer metrics to observe user poll behavior2.4.0
KIP-516: Topic Identifiers & Topic Deletion State ImprovementsSome in 2.8.0, remainder WIP
KIP-515: Enable ZK client to use the new TLS supported authentication2.5.0
KIP-514:Add a bounded flush() API to Kafka Producer2.5.0
KIP-511: Collect and Expose Client's Name and Version in the Brokers2.4.0 (protocol) / 2.5.0 (metric)
KIP-507: Securing Internal Connect REST Endpoints2.4.0
KIP-504 - Add new Java Authorizer Interface2.4.0 
KIP-503: Add metric for number of topics marked for deletion2.4.0 
KIP-501: Avoid out-of-sync or offline partitions when follower fetch requests not processed in timeWIP
KIP-500: Replace ZooKeeper with a Self-Managed Metadata Quorum
KIP-499 - Unify connection name flag for command line tool2.5.0
KIP-497: Add inter-broker API to alter ISR2.7.0
KIP-496: Administrative API to delete consumer offsets2.4.0 
KIP-495: Dynamically Adjust Log Levels in Connect2.4.0
KIP-492: Add java security providers in Kafka Security config2.4.0 
KIP-488: Clean up Sum,Count,Total Metrics2.4.0
KIP-484: Expose metrics for group and transaction metadata loading duration2.4.0 
KIP-482: The Kafka Protocol should Support Optional Tagged Fields2.4.0 
KIP-481: SerDe Improvements for Connect Decimal type in JSON2.4.0
KIP-480: Sticky Partitioner2.4.0
KIP-479: Add StreamJoined config object to Join2.4.0
KIP-478 - Strongly typed Processor API2.7.0
KIP-476: Add Java AdminClient Interface2.4.0
KIP-475: New Metrics to Measure Number of Tasks on a Connector2.4.0
KIP-474: To deprecate WindowStore#put(key, value)2.4.0
KIP-471: Expose RocksDB Metrics in Kafka Streams

2.4.0 (metrics blocked due to RocksDB version added in 3.2.0)

KIP-470: TopologyTestDriver test input and output usability improvements2.4.0 
KIP-467: Augment ProduceResponse error messaging for specific culprit records2.4.0 (partially implemented) / 2.5.0
KIP-466: Add support for List<T> serialization and deserialization3.0.0
KIP-465: Add Consolidated Connector Endpoint to Connect REST API2.3.0
KIP-464: Defaults for AdminClient#createTopic2.4.0
KIP-462: Use local thread id for KStreams2.3.0
KIP-461: Improve Replica Fetcher behavior at handling partition failure2.3.0
KIP-460: Admin Leader Election RPC2.4.0
KIP-458: Connector Client Config Override Policy2.3.0
KIP-455: Create an Administrative API for Replica Reassignment2.4.0 (API/broker logic)
2.5.0 (tools changes)
KIP-454: Expansion of the ConnectClusterState interface2.3.0
KIP-453: Add close() method to RocksDBConfigSetter2.3.0
KIP-450: Sliding Window Aggregations in the DSL2.7.0
KIP-449: Add connector contexts to log messages in Connect workers 2.3.0
KIP-447: Producer scalability for exactly once semantics2.5.0  (broker, consumer, producer changes implemented) / 2.6.0
KIP-446: Add changelog topic configuration to KTable suppress2.6.0
KIP-445: In-memory Session Store2.3.0
KIP-444: Augment metrics for Kafka Streams2.4.0 (partially implemented) / 2.5.0 (partially implemented) / 2.6.0

KIP-443: Return to default and segment.index.bytes in Streams repartition topics

KIP-442: Return to default max poll interval in Streams2.3.0
KIP-441: Smooth Scaling Out for Kafka Streams2.6.0
KIP-440: Extend Connect Converter to support headers2.4.0
KIP-437: Custom replacement for MaskField SMT2.6.0
KIP-436: Add a metric indicating start time2.3.0
KIP-434: Add Replica Fetcher and Log Cleaner Count Metrics2.4.0
KIP-431: Support of printing additional ConsumerRecord fields in DefaultMessageFormatter2.7.0
KIP-430 - Return Authorized Operations in Describe Responses2.3.0
KIP-429: Kafka Consumer Incremental Rebalance Protocol2.4.0
KIP-428: Add in-memory window store2.3.0
KIP-427: Add AtMinIsr topic partition category (new metric & TopicCommand option)2.3.0
KIP-425: Add some Log4J Kafka Appender Properties for Producing to Secured Brokers2.3.0
KIP-421: Support resolving externalized secrets in AbstractConfig2.3.0
KIP-420: Add Single Value Fetch in Session Stores2.2.0
KIP-418: A method-chaining way to branch KStream2.8.0
KIP-417: Allow JmxTool to connect to a secured RMI port2.3.0
KIP-415: Incremental Cooperative Rebalancing in Kafka Connect2.3.0
KIP-414: Expose Embedded ClientIds in Kafka Streams2.2.0
KIP-412: Extend Admin API to support dynamic application log levels2.4.0 

KIP-411: Make default Kafka Connect worker task client IDs distinct

KIP-405: Kafka Tiered StorageAccepted
KIP-402: Improve fairness in SocketServer processors2.2.0 (partially implemented) / 2.3.0
KIP-401: TransformerSupplier/ProcessorSupplier StateStore connecting2.6.0
KIP-399: Extend ProductionExceptionHandler to cover serialization exceptions3.5.0
KIP-396: Add Commit/List Offsets Operations to AdminClient2.5.0
KIP-394: Require for initial join group request2.2.0
KIP-393: Time windowed serde to properly deserialize changelog input topic2.2.0
KIP-392: Allow consumers to fetch from closest replica2.4.0
KIP-390: Support Compression LevelWIP
KIP-389: Introduce a configurable consumer group size limit2.2.0
KIP-386: Standardize on Min/Avg/Max metrics' default value2.2.0
KIP-382: MirrorMaker

KIP-379: Multiple Consumer Group Management

KIP-380: Detect outdated control requests and bounced brokers using broker generation2.2.0
KIP-377: TopicCommand to use AdminClient2.2.0
KIP-376: Implement AutoClosable on appropriate classes that want to be used in a try-with-resource statement2.2.0
KIP-374: Add '--help' option to all available Kafka CLI commands2.2.0
KIP-373: Allow users to create delegation tokens for other users3.3.0
KIP-372: Naming Repartition Topics for Joins and Grouping2.1.0
KIP-371: Add a configuration to build custom SSL principal name2.2.0
KIP-369: Alternative Partitioner to Support "Always Round-Robin" Selection2.4.0
KIP 368: Allow SASL Connections to Periodically Re-Authenticate2.2.0
KIP-367 Introduce close(Duration) to Producer and AdminClient instead of close(long, TimeUnit)2.2.0
KIP-366: Make FunctionConversions deprecated2.1.0
KIP-365: Materialized, Serialized, Joined, Consumed and Produced with implicit Serde2.1.0
KIP-361: Add Consumer Configuration to Disable Auto Topic Creation2.3.0
KIP-360: Improve reliability of idempotent/transactional producer2.4.0 (partially implemented) / 2.5.0
KIP-359: Verify leader epoch in produce requests2.8.0 (WIP)
KIP-358: Migrate Streams API to Duration instead of long ms times2.1.0
KIP-357: Add support to list ACLs per principal2.1.0
KIP-356: Add withCachingDisabled() to StoreBuilder2.1.0
KIP-354: Add a Maximum Log Compaction Lag2.3.0
KIP-353: Improve Kafka Streams Timestamp Synchronization2.1.0
KIP-352: Distinguish URPs caused by reassignment2.5.0 
KIP-351: Add --under-min-isr option to describe topics command2.3.0
KIP-346: Improve LogCleaner behavior on error2.1.0
KIP-345: Introduce static membership protocol to reduce consumer rebalances2.4.0
KIP-342 Add support for custom SASL extensions in OAuthBearer authentication2.1.0
KIP-341: Update Sticky Assignor's User Data Protocol2.3.0
KIP-340: Allow and to take admin client property file2.1.0
KIP-339: Create a new IncrementalAlterConfigs API2.3.0 
KIP-338 Support to exclude the internal topics in command2.1.0
KIP-336: Consolidate ExtendedSerializer/Serializer and ExtendedDeserializer/Deserializer2.1.0
KIP-332: Update AclCommand to use AdminClient API2.1.0
KIP-331 Add default implementation to close() and configure() for Serializer, Deserializer and Serde2.3.0
KIP-330: Add retentionPeriod in SessionBytesStoreSupplier2.1.0
KIP-328: Ability to suppress updates for KTables2.1.0 (partially implemented; inactive)
KIP-324: Add method to get metrics() in AdminClient2.1.0
KIP-322: Return new error code for DeleteTopics API when topic deletion disabled.2.1.0
KIP-321: Update TopologyDescription to better represent Source and Sink Nodes2.1.0
KIP-320: Allow fetchers to detect and handle log truncation2.1.0 (partially implemented).  full implementation in 2.4.0
KIP-319: Replace segments with segmentInterval in WindowBytesStoreSupplier2.1.0
KIP-313: Add KStream.flatTransform and KStream.flatTransformValues 

2.2.0 (partially implemented)

/ 2.3.0

KIP-312 Add Overloaded StreamsBuilder Build Method to Accept java.util.Properties2.1.0
KIP-309: Add toUpperCase support to rule2.4.0
KIP-308: Support dynamic update of max.connections.per.ip/max.connections.per.ip.overrides2.1.0
KIP-307: Allow to define custom processor names with KStreams DSL2.3.0 (partially implemented) / 2.4.0
KIP-306: Configuration for Delaying Response to Failed Authentication2.1.0
KIP-305: Add Connect primitive number converters2.0.0
KIP-303: Add Dynamic Routing in Streams Sink2.0.0
KIP-302 - Enable Kafka clients to use all DNS resolved IP addresses2.1.0
KIP-300: Add Windowed KTable API in StreamsBuildernot implemented; inactive
KIP-298: Error Handling in Connect2.0.0
KIP-297: Externalizing Secrets for Connect Configurations2.0.0
KIP-295 Add Streams Configuration Allowing for Optional Topology Optimization2.0.0
KIP-294 - Enable TLS hostname verification by default2.0.0

KIP-291: Separating controller connections and requests from the data plane

KIP-292: Add transformValues() method to KTable2.0.0
KIP-290: Support for Prefixed ACLs2.0.0
KIP-289: Improve the default group id behavior in KafkaConsumer2.2.0
KIP-285: Connect Rest Extension Plugin2.0.0
KIP-284: Set default retention ms for Streams repartition topics to Long.MAX_VALUE2.0.0
KIP-283: Efficient Memory Usage for Down-Conversion2.0.0
KIP-282: Add the listener name to the authentication context2.0.0
KIP-281: ConsumerPerformance: Increase Polling Loop Timeout and Make It Reachable by the End User2.0.0
KIP-280: Enhanced log compactionWIP
KIP-279: Fix log divergence between leader and follower after fast leader fail over2.0.0
KIP-278 - Add version option to Kafka's commands2.0.0
KIP-277 - Fine Grained ACL for CreateTopics API2.0.0
KIP-276 - Add StreamsConfig prefix for different consumers2.0.0
KIP-274: Kafka Streams Skipped Records Metrics2.0.0
KIP-272: Add API version tag to broker's RequestsPerSec metric2.0.0
KIP-270 - A Scala Wrapper Library for Kafka Streams2.0.0
KIP-268: Simplify Kafka Streams Rebalance Metadata Upgrade2.0.0
KIP-267: Add Processor Unit Test Support to Kafka Streams Test Utils2.0.0
KIP-266: Fix consumer indefinite blocking behavior2.0.0
KIP-265: Make Windowed Serde to public APIs2.0.0
KIP-261: Add Single Value Fetch in Window Stores2.0.0
KIP-258: Allow to Store Record Timestamps in RocksDB2.3.0 (partially implemented; inactive)
KIP-257 - Configurable Quota Management2.0.0
KIP-255: OAuth Authentication via SASL/OAUTHBEARER2.0.0
KIP-251: Allow timestamp manipulation in Processor API2.0.0
KIP-249: Add Delegation Token Operations to KafkaAdminClient2.0.0
KIP-247: Add public test utils for Kafka Streams1.1.0
KIP-245: Use Properties instead of StreamsConfig in KafkaStreams constructor2.0.0
KIP-244: Add Record Header support to Kafka Streams Processor API2.0.0
KIP-243: Make ProducerConfig and ConsumerConfig constructors public1.1.0
KIP-239 Add queryableStoreName() to GlobalKTable1.1.0
KIP-238: Expose Kafka cluster ID in Connect REST API1.1.0
KIP-237: More Controller Health Metrics2.0.0
KIP-235: Add DNS alias support for secured connection2.1.0
KIP-233: Simplify StreamsBuilder#addGlobalStore1.1.0
KIP-231: Improve the Required ACL of ListGroups API2.1.0
KIP-229: DeleteGroups API1.1.0
KIP-227 - Introduce Incremental FetchRequests to Increase Partition Scalability1.1.0
KIP-226 - Dynamic Broker Configuration1.1.0
KIP-225 - Use tags for consumer “records.lag” metrics1.1.0
KIP-224: Add configuration parameter `retries` to Streams API1.1.0
KIP-223 - Add per-topic min lead and per-partition lead metrics to KafkaConsumer2.0.0
KIP-222 - Add Consumer Group operations to Admin API2.0.0
KIP-221: Enhance DSL with Connecting Topic Creation and Repartition Hint2.6.0
KIP-220: Add AdminClient into Kafka Streams' ClientSupplier1.1.0
KIP-219: Improve quota communication2.0.0
KIP-218: Make KafkaFuture.Function java 8 lambda compatible1.1.0
KIP-216: IQ should throw different exceptions for different errors2.8.0 (WIP)
KIP-215: Add topic regex support for Connect sinks1.1.0
KIP-214: Add config to the broker1.1.0
KIP-213 Support non-key joining in KTable2.4.0
KIP-212: Enforce set of legal characters for connector names1.1.0
KIP-211: Revise Expiration Semantics of Consumer Group Offsets2.1.0
KIP-210 - Provide for custom error handling when Kafka Streams fails to produce1.1.0
KIP-208: Add SSL support to Kafka Connect REST interface1.1.0
KIP-207: Offsets returned by ListOffsetsResponse should be monotonically increasing even during a partition leader change2.2.0
KIP-206: Add support for UUID serialization and deserialization2.1.0
KIP-205: Add all() and range() API to ReadOnlyWindowStore1.1.0
KIP-204 : Adding records deletion operation to the new Admin Client API1.1.0
KIP-203: Add toLowerCase support to rule 1.1.0
KIP-202: Move merge() from StreamsBuilder to KStream1.0.0
KIP-198: Remove ZK dependency from Streams Reset Tool1.0.0
KIP-197 Connect REST API should include the connector type when describing a connector1.0.0
KIP-196: Add metrics to Kafka Connect framework1.0.0
KIP-195: AdminClient.createPartitions1.0.0
KIP-192 : Provide cleaner semantics when idempotence is enabled1.0.0
KIP-191: KafkaConsumer.subscribe() overload that takes just Pattern1.0.0
KIP-190: Handle client-ids consistently between clients and brokers1.0.0
KIP-189: Improve principal builder interface and add support for SASL1.0.0
KIP-188 - Add new metrics to support health checks1.0.0
KIP-187 - Add cumulative count metric for all Kafka rate metrics1.0.0
KIP-186: Increase offsets retention default to 7 days2.0.0
KIP-183 - Change PreferredReplicaLeaderElectionCommand to use AdminClient2.2.0
KIP-182: Reduce Streams DSL overloads and allow easier use of custom storage engines1.0.0
KIP-180: Add a broker metric specifying the number of consumer group rebalances in progress1.1.0
KIP-177: Consumer perf tool should count rebalance time1.0.0
KIP-176: Remove deprecated new-consumer option for tools2.0.0
KIP-175: Additional '--describe' views for ConsumerGroupCommand1.1.0
KIP-174 - Deprecate and remove internal converter configs in WorkerConfig2.0.0
KIP-173: Add prefix to StreamsConfig to enable setting default internal topic configs1.0.0
KIP-171 - Extend Consumer Group Reset Offset for Stream Application1.1.0
KIP-168: Add GlobalTopicCount and GlobalPartitionCount metric per cluster1.0.0
KIP-167: Add interface for the state store restoration process1.0.0

KIP-164 - Add UnderMinIsrPartitionCount and per-partition UnderMinIsr metrics


KIP-163: Lower the Minimum Required ACL Permission of OffsetFetch

KIP-162: Enable topic deletion by default1.0.0
KIP-161: streams deserialization exception handlers1.0.0
KIP-160: Augment KStream.print(), KStream.writeAsText() to allow users pass in extra parameters in the printed string1.0.0
KIP-158: Kafka Connect should allow source connectors to set topic-specific settings for new topics2.6.0
KIP-157 - Add consumer config options to streams reset tool1.0.0
KIP-156 Add option "dry run" to Streams application reset tool0.11.0.0
KIP-155 - Add range scan for windowed state stores0.11.0.0
KIP-154 Add Kafka Connect configuration properties for creating internal topics0.11.0.0
KIP-153: Include only client traffic in BytesOutPerSec metric0.11.0.0
KIP-152 - Improve diagnostics for SASL authentication failures1.0.0
KIP-151 Expose Connector type in REST API0.11.0.0
KIP-150 - Kafka-Streams Cogroup2.5.0
KIP-149: Enabling key access in ValueTransformer, ValueMapper, and ValueJoiner1.1.0 (partially implemented; inactive)
KIP-146 - Classloading Isolation in Connect

KIP-145 - Expose Record Headers in Kafka Connect1.1.0
KIP-144: Exponential backoff for broker reconnect attempts0.11.0.0
KIP-143: Controller Health Metrics0.11.0.0
KIP-140: Add administrative RPCs for adding, deleting, and listing ACLs0.11.0.0
KIP-138: Change punctuate semantics1.0.0
KIP-137: Enhance TopicCommand --describe to show topics marked for deletion0.11.0.0
KIP-136: Add Listener name to SelectorMetrics tags0.11.0.0
KIP-134: Delay initial consumer group rebalance0.11.0.0
KIP-133: Describe and Alter Configs Admin APIs0.11.0.0
KIP-131 - Add access to OffsetStorageReader from SourceConnector2.6.0
KIP-130: Expose states of active tasks to KafkaStreams public API1.0.0
KIP-129: Streams Exactly-Once Semantics0.11.0.0
KIP-128: Add ByteArrayConverter for Kafka Connect0.11.0.0
KIP-126 - Allow KafkaProducer to split and resend oversized batches.
KIP-124 - Request rate quotas0.11.0.0
KIP-123: Allow per stream/table timestamp extractor0.11.0.0
KIP-122: Add Reset Consumer Group Offsets tooling0.11.0.0
KIP-121: Add KStream peek method

KIP-120: Cleanup Kafka Streams builder API1.0.0
KIP-119: Drop Support for Scala 2.10 in Kafka
KIP-118: Drop Support for Java 72.0.0
KIP-117: Add a public AdminClient API for Kafka admin operations0.11.0.0
KIP-115: Enforce offsets.topic.replication.factor upon __consumer_offsets auto topic creation0.11.0.0
KIP-114: KTable state stores and improved semantics0.11.0.0
KIP-113: Support replicas movement between log directories1.1.0
KIP-112: Handle disk failure for JBOD1.0.0
KIP-110: Add Codec for ZStandard Compression2.1.0
KIP-109: Old Consumer Deprecation0.11.0.0
KIP-108: Create Topic Policy0.10.2.0
KIP-107: Add deleteRecordsBefore() API in AdminClient0.11.0.0

KIP-106 - Change Default unclean.leader.election.enabled from True to False
KIP-105: Addition of Record Level for Sensors0.10.2.0
KIP-104: Granular Sensors for Streams
KIP-103: Separation of Internal and External traffic0.10.2.0
KIP-102 - Add close with timeout for consumers0.10.2.0
KIP-101 - Alter Replication Protocol to use Leader Epoch rather than High Watermark for Truncation0.11.0.0
KIP-100 - Relax Type constraints in Kafka Streams API0.10.2.0
KIP-99: Add Global Tables to Kafka Streams0.10.2.0
KIP-98 - Exactly Once Delivery and Transactional Messaging0.11.0.0
KIP-97: Improved Kafka Client RPC Compatibility Policy0.10.2.0
KIP-96 - Add per partition metrics for in-sync and assigned replica count0.10.2.0
KIP-94 Session Windows0.10.2.0
KIP-93: Improve invalid timestamp handling in Kafka Streams0.10.2.0
KIP-92 - Add per partition lag metrics to KafkaConsumer0.10.2.0
KIP-91 Provide Intuitive User Timeouts in The Producer2.1.0
KIP-90 - Remove zkClient dependency from Streams0.10.2.0
KIP-89: Allow sink connectors to decouple flush and offset commit0.10.2.0
KIP-88: OffsetFetch Protocol Update0.10.2.0
KIP-86: Configurable SASL callback handlers2.0.0
KIP-85: Dynamic JAAS configuration for Kafka clients0.10.2.0
KIP-84: Support SASL SCRAM mechanisms0.10.2.0
KIP-82 - Add Record Headers0.11.0.0
KIP-81: Bound Fetch memory usage in the consumer2.8.0 (WIP)
KIP-79 - ListOffsetRequest/ListOffsetResponse v1 and add timestamp search methods to the new consumer0.10.1.0
KIP-78: Cluster Id0.10.1.0
KIP-77: Improve Kafka Streams Join Semantics0.10.2.0
KIP-75 - Add per-connector Converters0.10.1.0
KIP-74: Add Fetch Response Size Limit in Bytes0.10.1.0
KIP-73: Replication Quotas0.10.1.0
KIP-72: Allow putting a bound on memory consumed by Incoming request 1.0.0
KIP-71: Enable log compaction and deletion to co-exist0.10.1.0
KIP-70: Revise Partition Assignment Semantics on New Consumer's Subscription Change0.10.1.0
KIP-67: Queryable state for Kafka Streams0.10.1.0
KIP-66: Single Message Transforms for Kafka Connect0.10.2.0 /
KIP-65: Expose timestamps to Connect0.10.1.0
KIP-63: Unify store and downstream caching in streams0.10.1.0
KIP-62: Allow consumer to send heartbeats from a background thread0.10.1.0
KIP-60 - Make Java client classloading more flexible0.10.1.0
KIP-58 - Make Log Compaction Point Configurable0.10.1.0
KIP-57 - Interoperable LZ4 Framing0.10.0.0
KIP-56: Allow cross origin HTTP requests on all HTTP methods0.10.0.0
KIP-55: Secure Quotas for Authenticated Users0.10.1.0
KIP-54: Sticky Partition Assignment Strategy0.11.0.0
KIP-52: Connector Control APIs0.10.0.0
KIP-51 - List Connectors REST API0.10.0.0
KIP-48 Delegation token support for Kafka1.1.0
KIP-45 - Standardize all client sequence interaction on j.u.Collection.
KIP-43: Kafka SASL enhancements0.10.0.0
KIP-42: Add Producer and Consumer Interceptors0.10.0.0
KIP-41: Consumer Max Records0.10.0.0
KIP-40: ListGroups and DescribeGroup0.9.0.0
KIP-38: ZooKeeper Authentication0.9.0.0
KIP-36 - Rack aware replica assignment0.10.0.0
KIP-35 - Retrieving protocol version0.10.0.0
KIP-33 - Add a time based log index0.10.1.0
KIP-32 - Add timestamps to Kafka message0.10.0.0
KIP-31 - Move to relative offsets in compressed message sets0.10.0.0
KIP-28 - Add a processor client0.10.0.0
KIP-26 - Add Kafka Connect framework for data import/export0.9.0.0
KIP-25 - System test improvements0.9.0.0
KIP-22 - Expose a Partitioner interface in the new producer0.9.0.0
KIP-21 - Dynamic Configuration0.9.0.0 (WIP)
KIP-20 Enable log preallocate to improve consume performance under windows and some old Linux file system0.9.0.0
KIP-19 - Add a request timeout to NetworkClient0.9.0.0
KIP-16 - Automated Replica Lag Tuning0.9.0.0
KIP-15 - Add a close method with a timeout in the producer0.9.0.0
KIP-13 - Quota Design0.9.0.0
KIP-12 - Kafka Sasl/Kerberos and SSL implementation0.9.0.0
KIP-11 - Kafka Authorizer design0.9.0.0
KIP-8 - Add a flush method to the producer API0.9.0.0
KIP-4 - Metadata Protocol Changes0.10.0.0
KIP-4 - Command line and centralized administrative operations0.9.0.0,,
KIP-3 - Mirror Maker Enhancement0.9.0.0
KIP-2 - Refactor brokers to allow listening on multiple ports and IPs0.9.0.0
KIP-1 - Remove support of request.required.acks0.9.0.0