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The latest beta preview release of Tapestry 5.4 is now available.



Tapestry 5.4-beta-26 fixes many bugs and paves the way towards the long awaited release candidate.


The release numbers are not consecutive because not every beta release is voted for wider release. This one has.

Tapestry 5.4-beta-26 contains a significant number of bug fixes and minor improvements. Dependencies on third party libraries have been updated.

We are making progress towards a release candidate.

This release is available from the Maven Central Repository, or as a direct download.
Notable fixes and improvements since the previous beta:
  • Fixed problems with tracking validation errors on fields inside Ajax updates
  • Improvements to the exception report page, and the ability to write an exception report text file
  • Fixed the layout issues related to the use of the Autocomplete mixin
  • Converted the Autocomplete mixin to use Twitter Typeahead 0.10.5
  • Fixed most compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 8
  • Split more code out into smaller modules, to encourage reuse (even outside of a Tapestry web application)
  • Fixed issues related to keyboard navigation and the modal dialog created by the Confirm mixin
  • Removed the unused FormInjector component



Tapestry now requires at least JDK 1.6. It is no longer compatible with JDK 1.5.

While not an actual release candidate, beta previews like this one are high-quality builds that pass all of Tapestry's extensive automated tests and have been voted on by the Tapestry team.

You are encouraged to try out this beta preview and let us know how it's working.