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Comment: Created a separate document for OFBiz Community Days dates because to include the dates of past community days in this document is not relevant.


No. Participation is in any of our Community Days is completely optional. You choose whether you participate or not. It is also up to you how much time you spend. Whether you spend an hour or a full day - all pariticipation participation is happily accepted.

When are the Community Days?

We are planning to have The community days are organized once per quarter so a total of four (4) events throughout the year. We have selected the following days for 2017.

  • Q1 - Community Days February 2017 are Friday 17th,  Saturday 18th, Sunday 19th, Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st
  • Q2 - Community Days May 2017 are Friday 19th, Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st, Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd
  • Q3 - Community Days August 2017 are Friday 18th, Saturday 19th, Sunday 20th, Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd
  • Q4 - Community Days November 2017 are Friday 17th, Saturday 18th, Sunday 19th, Monday 20th and Tuesday 22nd

Please refer this document for OFBiz Community Days dates.

In the weeks leading up to a Community Day we will post reminders on the mailing lists and also indicate if there are any specific tasks that we would like to accomplish on the day.