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Supporting a newer L7 protocol, Traffic Server support supports HTTP/2 . Currently HTTP/2 is defined as http2 draft-16.

Current status

How to test

  1. Build ATS codes normally. you need neither any build option nor external HTTP/2 library.
  2. Configure settings to use https.
  3. Add settings to records.config to use http2.
    CONFIG proxy.config.http2.enabled INT 1
  4. Access to ATS by HTTP/2 client.


  • Refactoring
    • HPACK encoder/decoder
    • Around writing HTTP/2 frames
    • Separate logic between connection level and stream level
  • More debugging
  • Write documents
  • Add test tools for HPACK, HTTP/2 frames
    • REPL tool to test behavior of HPACK encoder/decoder
    • Add HTTP/2 integration test code to new_tsqa

No plan


for client connections as defined by


  • Support HTTP/2 from ATS to origin.  This is a current effort traffic by a github project.  More contributors are welcome.