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In the above example, ColorSelectModel must be of type SelectModel, or anything that Tapestry knows how to coerce into a SelectModel, such as a List or a Map or a "value=label,value=label,..." delimited string, or anything Tapestry knows how to coerce into a List or Map, such as an Array or a comma-delimited String.


The Select component's "encoder" parameter is optional, but if the "value" parameter is bound to a complex object (not a simple String, Integer, etc.) and you don't provide a ValueEncoder with the "encoder" parameter (and one isn't provided automatically by, for example, the Tapestry Hibernate integration), you'll receive a "Could not find a coercion" exception (when you submit the form) as Tapestry tries to convert the selected option's encoded value back to the object in your Select's "value" parameter. To fix this, you'll either have to 1) provide a ValueEncoder, 2) provide a Coercion, or 3) use a simple value (String, Integer, etc.) for your Select's "value" parameter, and then you'll have to add logic in the corresponding onSuccess event listener method: