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LinkedInSamza was originally developed at LinkedIn. It's currently used to process tracking data, service log data, and for data ingestion pipelines for realtime services.
IntuitAt Intuit, we use Samza to enrich events with more contextual data from various sources (CMDB, Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management). This gives us more meaningful events that an operations centre person can act on.
MobileAwareMobileAware uses Samza as a foundation for two products: real time analytics and multi channel notification (push, text message and html5).
FortscaleFortscale is using Samza to processes security events log as part of the data ingestion pipelines and on-line machine learning models creation process.
Project Florida

Project Florida uses Samza for real-time monitoring of data streams from wearable sensors, for preventative healthcare purposes.

Improve DigitalImprove Digital is using Samza as the foundation of a realtime processing capability performing data analytics and as the basis for an alerting system.
QuantiplyQuantiply uses Samza to bring together user event, system performance, and business operational data for real-time visibility and decision support.
Happy PancakeHappy Pancake, Northern Europe's largest internet dating service, is using Samza for all event handlers and data replication.
VinTankVinTank uses Samza to power our social media analysis and NLP pipeline.
DoubleDutchDoubleDutch uses Samza to power their analytics platform and stream data live into an event dashboard for real-time insights.
BannoJack Henry & Associates uses Samza to process user activity data across its Banno suite of products for financial institutions.
MetamarketsMetamarkets uses Samza to transform and join real-time event streams, then forward them into a Druid cluster for interactive querying.
DigitalsmithsDigitalsmiths, a TiVo company, is leveraging Samza to do online processing of views and ratings to help power personalized content recommendations and analytics.

State uses Samza to process and join streams of changes from MongoDB to update a wide range of realtime services that support the website and mobile apps. These include search, user recommendations, opinion metrics and lots more.

UberUber uses Samza to provide stream processing as a service. Currently, this platform supports two categories of use cases: metrics aggregation and near real time state machine for doing database updates. We're planning to add more use cases related to fraud detection and root cause analysis in the near future.
NetflixNetflix uses single-stage Samza jobs to route over 700 billion events / 1 peta byte per day from fronting Kafka clusters to s3/hive. A portion of these events are routed to Kafka and ElasticSearch with support for custom index creation, basic filtering and projection. We run over 10,000 samza jobs in that many docker containers.
OptimizelyOptimizely uses Apache Samza to aggregate and enrich billions of events per day to power real-time analytics of Experiments and Personalization experiences.
TripAdvisorTripAdvisor uses Samza to process billions of events daily for analytics, machine learning, and site improvement.