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  • Make sure what you're saying/sharing is appropriate for all audiences, and reflects well on Apache Bigtop.
    • Be polite when talking about Bigtop and responding to questions.
    • Informal voice is OK, unprofessional is not.but keep it factual and welcoming
    • Absolutely no use of NSFW language, images, or scenarios when using official Apache Bigtop accounts – and avoid associating Apache Bigtop with anything that is likely to be considered offensive.
  • Share relevant, positive information.
    • Feel free to share stories about Bigtop, whether they come from the Bigtop community, tech press, or folks outside of the press and community.
    • Avoid sharing negative stories about "competingrelated or similar" projects.
    • Keep posts/reposts relevant. Everybody loves LOLCats, but it's probably best not to share them from the official Bigtop social media accounts.
    • Please share event information so long as it's Bigtop-relatede.g. Promoting an event where there are talks about Bigtop is spot-on. Promoting an event only because a vendor that has an interest in Bigtop is participating would be outside the scope of Bigtop social media accounts.