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This tutorial walks you through configuring, developing and deploying an application client with Eclipse and Geronimo.

It is organized in the following sections:

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Convention in GEP v2.2
Convention in GEP v2.2

When you create an application client project to be running on Geronimo in Eclipse, module IDs of both client-environment and its server-environment should be specified in the deployment plan. By default, GEP will append ClientSide to name of the application client as its artifact ID. Likewise, ServerSide is appened for server-environment.

Here is a sample deployment plan created by GEP.

Code Block
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<client:application-client xmlns:app="" xmlns:client="" 
xmlns:conn="" xmlns:dep="" 
xmlns:ejb="" xmlns:log="" 
xmlns:name="" xmlns:pers="" 
xmlns:pkgen="" xmlns:sec=""