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Getting started with Git

To import the Subversion repository into a Git repository, use the following commands:Important: We are now fully migrated to a native git server solution. All procedures around using git is therefore slightly different, since there is no longer subversion synchronization process. To clone the new git repository, you can use

Code Block
$ git clone  git
cd trafficserver/.git
wget; cd ..
git config svn.authorsfile ".git/authors.txt"
git svn init --prefix=origin/ --tags=tags --trunk=trunk --branches=branches \
svn rebase

This will give you a branch named trunk, for people used to git, it'd make more sense to use the name master. You can rename the trunk branch using

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 git branch -m master

Alternatively, you can do the Subversion to Git conversion yourself, but it is much slower:

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git svn clone -s -r 829470:HEAD \ \

If you need read-only access, please use the http:// URL instead.

More details

More details for using Git and Subversion (particularly here at the ASF), see the following links:

Some older docs available at