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When some commits in master branch are needed to be back-ported, you can do cherry-pick and send Pull-Request.

  1. Make sure the commits are already on master
  2. Cherry-Pick with "-x"

    Code Block
    $ git cherry-pick -x <COMMIT>
  3. Uncomment the conflics in commit message if there
  4. Send a Pull-Request to release branch
  5. Mark Add "Backport" label


Code Block
commit 90ad8484773095459f81242ec1ed61822da7142b
Author: Leif Hedstrom <>
Date:   Fri Dec 9 08:08:31 2016 -0700

    Update the RAT exceptions

    (cherry picked from commit 7487ff750cd214ee956557273c8059b9b3580983)