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Use a pull request to submit a code patch to the github mirror. Any new changes should be targeted at the "develop" branch.

File a JIRA to submit a bug report.

If you need access to edit the wiki, make sure you've created an account and send an email to with your userid and a description of what you're interested in working on and someone will grant you access. Same goes for JIRA if you need to be able to assign or resolve issues.

Please visit our Becoming a committer page for details on how to become a committer.

Ideas for Contributions

Here is a starting point for contributing to the Geode project. All ideas are welcome!

  1. Implement a Java version of VSD (statistics graphing and correlation). See JVSD.
  2. Add gfsh cluster control features to Pulse.
  3. AMI for Geode.
  4. Redis protocol adapter.
  5. Ambari installer plugin for Geode.
  6. Kafka and SpringXD data ingestion plugins.
  7. Thrift client driver.
  8. Add lifecycle API's for Geode servers and locators.
  9. Create a bi-temporal data model and framework.
  10. Nagios plugin for Geode.
  11. Apache Flink integration.
  12. Write some examples!


Any bugs marked with the starter label are also good candidates for a new contributor to pick up and work on.

Updating the Wiki

Feel free to contribute to this wiki – make things easier to understand or just share your experience with Geode.

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