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Running Examples

This section walks you through running the examples which are shipped with a binary distribution.

Before you start

First you need to Download a binary distribution.

To run the demos with maven, you need to download and install Apache Maven.

To test your Maven install, change directory to the examples directory and type:

Code Block
mvn -v

You should see something like:

Code Block
camel-rider:/tmp/camel/examples$ mvn -v
Maven version: 3.0.3

Running the examples in Maven

To run the first example using Maven, change directory to the example you want to run then issue the following command:

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mvn exec:java

To run the other Spring-based examples such as the Spring Example, use the Camel Maven Plugin. For example:

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cd camel-example-spring
mvn camel:run

Running the examples in your IDE

In each example you can run the main() from your IDE.

To create an IDEA project, run

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mvn idea:idea

If you are an Eclipse user, run

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mvn eclipse:eclipse

You should now be able to open the project(s) in your IDE and run any main() method you wish.