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Past events are a little more complicated. Since there were more than 300 events on your website, we parsed all the content and decided to structure it as json arrays. The /_src/_components/events/ folder contains several pug files named according to the year. The json array is located at the top of these files. Each element of the array is a js-object. It has title, link, loc, speaker and data properties. Each element of the array is converted into a separate card of the past event. By analogy, you can add new objects to these arrays. Then, when compiling the files, they will automatically appear in the desired tabs. 

Editing Blog

/_src/_blog/ - blog post pages. After running the build command, the codes are compiled into *.html files and stored into /blog/ folder.

/_src/_components/templates - layouts that are used to create the blog pages

  • blog.pug - a list of blog posts
  • post.pug - a blog post
  • tags.pug - a list of blog tags


All blog posts must have front matter attributes.


title: "Blog post’s title"

author: "Blog post’s author"

date: YYYY-MM-DD (published date)


    - tag1

    - tag2

    - etc


The full blog post will be displayed by default. If you want to show only a summary of this post on the blog list page, please use a special tag

<!-- end -->

You can add it anywhere in your blog post and everything before this tag will be displayed as a summary.


In addition to the standard commands (gulp build, gulp watch), we have added an additional one to speed up the development process:

gulp blog

It will generate ONLY blog pages.

Site map

Use the gulp sitemap command to update the sitemap - ./sitemap.xml file if necessary. Currently, the main pages, as well as the documentation from the /docs/2.11.0/ folder, get into the sitemap. The paths to the documentation files are transformed into /docs/latest/ and all the html files inside have the .html extension removed. If you want to change the documentation version in the sitemap, change the sitemap() code in the ./gulpfile.js file.