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  • Metadata truth through automation, collaboration and open standards: Atlas should provide true visibility of the data assets in an organization.  
    • Modern organizations have many IT systems hosting data that collectively are using a wide range of technology.   Atlas as an open source project will help establish standards for metadata and governance that all technology providers can rally around helping to break down the data silos that organizations struggle with today. 
    • Through APIs, hooks and bridges Atlas facilitates easy exchange of metadata through open standards that facilitates inter-operability across many metadata producers. 
    • Atlas focuses on the automation of metadata and governance.  It captures details of new data assets as they are created and their lineage as data is processed and copied around.
    • With the extensible typesystem, Atlas is able to bring different perspectives and expertise around data assets together to enable collaboration and innovative use of data.

  • Developed in the open: Atlas was incubated by Hortonworks under the umbrella of Data Governance Initiative (DGI) in collaboration with a variety of organizations in multiple verticals including financial services, healthcare, oil&gas, retail, and pharma.  Engineers from Aetna, JPMorgan Chase, Merck, SAS, Schlumberger, and Target collaborated with Hortonworks on incubating Atlas as an open metadata and governance platform for Hadoop ecosystem. After 2+ years of maturation, based on this great start, HortonWorksHortonworks, IBM, ING and many other organizations are now extending Atlas to address data governance problems across a wide range of industries. This approach is an example of open source community innovation that helps accelerate product maturity and time-to-value for a data driven enterprise.