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Code Style

This is a developing standard and will be updated to reflect an agreed upon format further supported by the The maven-checkstyle-plugin.  Our current checkstyle rules can be found here. enforces minimum code style requirements.

The checkstyle.xml configuration in the project root directory contains the current set of style rules.TODO: Provide code formatters for the common IDEs

IntelliJ IDEA Users

nifi-checkstyle.xml is a Checkstyle configuration file created by extracting checkstyleRules from nifi/pom.xml. 

Steps for IntelliJ users:

  1. Download Checkstyle-IDEA plugin
  2. Install
  3.  Download Checkstyle-IDEA plugin
  4. Install plugin by loading the downloaded zip from: Preferences -> Plugins -> Install plugin from disk...
  5. After restarting IntelliJ, configure Checkstyle plugin to use NiFi Checkstyle configuration file from: Preferences -> Other Settings -> Checkstyle
  6. Add nifi-checkstyle.xml in in Configuration File and activate it


  1. the configuration

Eclipse Users

Code formatter rules that adhere to our checkstyle rules can be found here.

Consider using the The Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin can be configured with our the project checkstyle rules to see what portions of your code are conflicting with our coding standard.
Consider installing these templates that help generate common Apache NiFi code snippets.  TODO: provide link.xml to evaluate conformance with project coding standards.

Contact us!

The developer mailing list ( is monitored pretty closely, and we tend to respond quickly.  If you have a question, don't hesitate to shoot us an e-mail - we're here to help! Unfortunately, though, e-mails can get lost in the shuffle, so if you do send an e-mail and don't get a response within a day or two, it's our fault - don't worry about bothering us. Just ping the mailing list again.