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Migrating Deprecated Components and Features for 2.0.0 includes current progress on the steps necessary for migrating certain components and features.

  • The nifi.flow.configuration.file property in must be changed to reference flow.json.gz instead of flow.xml.gz

Migrating to 1.23.0

  • The resolution for CVE-2023-36542 included the addition of a new Access Policy component restriction named Reference Remote Resources applied to the following components:
    • CaptureChangeMySQL
    • ConsumeJMS
    • DBCPConnectionPool
    • ExtractGrok
    • GrokReader
    • HikariCPConnectionPool
    • HadoopDBCPConnectionPool
    • HBase_2_ClientService
    • JMSConnectionFactoryProvider
    • PublishJMS
    • ValidateJson
    • ValidateXml
  • Deployments with fine-grained Access Policies may require assigning the Reference Remote Resources permission to users who should be able to configure applicable components
  • The nifi-riemann-nar and nifi-hbase_1_1_2-client-service-nar are no longer included in the standard binary, but can be downloaded from Maven Central
  • RethinkDB Processors are deprecated for removal in 2.0.0
  • Upgrading dependencies from H2 Database Engine version 2.1 to 2.2 required internal automated migration