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  • Versions 1.15.3 and earlier stored the Flow Configuration in flow.xml.gz, and version 1.16.0 introduced a new serialization format stored in flow.json.gz. As a result of changes in version 1.17.0 to support Sensitive Dynamic Properties, components can be marked as invalid when the Flow Configuration contains a Parameter Context with a Sensitive Parameter Value that is referenced in a Sensitive Property. This issue can be resolved by entering the Sensitive Parameter Value in the referenced component Sensitive Property, which will save the Flow Configuration using the new flow.json.gz format. As an alternative, first upgrading to version 1.16.3 and then upgrading to 1.17.0 also avoids invalid component status issues. This issue was resolved under NIFI-10567 released in version 1.19.0, so upgrading from 1.15.3 to 1.19.0 and following are not subject to this problem.

Migrating from 1.15.0 to 1.16.0