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Version 1.5.0

Version 1.5.0 of Apache NiFi is a feature and stability release focusing integration with the new Apache NiFi Registry.

Release Date: Under Release Candidate Voting Procedures at this time

Highlights of the 1.5.0 release include:

  • New or Improved Processors, Controller Services, and Reporting Tasks
    • Added Processors for interacting with Kafka 1.0
    • NiFi lineage can now be exported to Apache Atlas
    • HDFS, HBase, Hive processors updated to better handle Kerberos ticket renewal
    • Groovy Scripting can now leverage Grape/Grab through Ivy
    • Many processors and their properties now support expression language
  • UI/UX
    • Users can now import, publish, change versions of flows via the NiFi and NiFi Registry Integration. This new feature takes care of starting and stopping affected processes, highlighting differences between local and published flows, and indicating when newer versions of a given flow are available.

A full list of issues that were resolved can be found at:

NiFi Registry 0.1.0

Version 0.1.0 of Apache NiFi Registry is the initial release focusing on storage/management of versioned flows.