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Highlights of the 1.10.0 release include:

  • Apache NiFi can now be built and on either Java 8 or Java 11!  When built on Java 8 it can run on Java 8 or Java 11.
  • A new experimental encrypted content repository implementation is available.
  • A new capability to define parameters, including sensitive values, is available at a process group level and can be used to replace the value at runtime for any component property (not just those that are EL enabled).  This is huge for automated deployment processes, moving from environment to environment, and having a single flow parameterized many different ways and used over and over.
  • A new Prometheus reporting task is available.
  • Powerful new feature to help operations teams: Back-pressure prediction!
  • Flows built in NiFi can now be published to the NiFi Registry and trivially run using the new Stateless NiFi execution engine and command line!  This leads to some very powerful configurations and models for linear flows with transactional sources that can be replayed (Kafka, etc..).
  • Hundreds of other features, improvements, and bug fixes!
  • Please note several components that were bundled by default are no longer included due to space limitations.  Please see Migration Guidance specifically for moving to 1.10.x.