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The base folder for all other locations within the project.

Full detailed explanations can be found in Maven Model Builder Interpolation reference documentation.

This page extracts a few classical values:
  • ${project.basedir
    • This references to the root folder of the module/project (The the location where the pomcurrent pom.xml file xml file is located.)

Project Properties reference the locations which are POM properties referencing useful build locations, with default values defined in the Super POM.:

  • ${}
    • This represents by default the target folder.
  • ${}
    • This represents by default the target/classes folder.
  • ${}
    • This represents by default the target/test-classes folder.
  • ${}
    • This represents by default the src/main/java folder.
  • ${}
    • This represents by default the src/test/java folder.

You can use further properties like the following:

  • ${}
    • This is by default defined like the following as ${project.artifactId}-${project.version}.
  • ${project.version}
    • This can be used at locations where you have to write a literal version otherwise, in particular if you are in a multi-project modules build for inter project modules dependencies.

User Settings


  • ${settings.localRepository}
    • which references the location of the local repository. This is by default ${home}/.m2/repository.



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