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 This page describes the process for building the Windows Native Connector for Windows. This is the native part of the APR/Native connector.   

The instructions on this page reference specific versions of numerous tools and dependencies. The versions referenced on this page are known to work. Other versions may work. Where information is available on the suitability (or otherwise) of alternative versions it is provided. All installations use default settings unless explicitly noted otherwise. Non-default settings in italics are provided for completeness but are believed not to impact on the success of the build process. Non-default settings in standard type may, or may not, impact the success of the build process.    


 Known working configurations include:  

  1. VMware virtual machine  
    • 60GB HDD  

    • 2 processors  

    • 2GB RAM  

    • No USB  

    • No sound  

    • Bridged networking  

  2. Others TBD    

Operating System

Known working configurations include:  

  1. Windows 7  
    • Static IP address  

    • 1600x1200 screen resolution  

    • UTC timezone  

    • Install VMware Tools  
    • Apply all updates  

  2. Others TBD    

Build tools

  1. Git for windows ( 1.9.4-20140611 
  2. Mladen's Custom Microsoft Compiler Toolkit Compilation  
    • (cb6be932c8c95a46262a64a89e68aae620dfdcee)  

    • Windows SDK  
      • no documentation  
      • No samples  
      • Complete set of developer tools  
    • Windows DDK  
      • Build environments  
      • Tools  
    • Compile as per <cmsc-root>/tools/README.txt  

    • Install Perl as per <cmsc-root>/tools/README.txt  

  3. TortoiseSVN ( 1.8.7 64-bit  

  4. 7-Zip 9.20 64-bit  
  5. JDK 1.7.0_71 64-bit   

These instructions assume that you have configured the common build environment.


While tcnative itself needs to be built last, we unpack it first because there are some patches in the tcnative source distribution that will need to be applied to both APR and OpenSSL. Obtain the tcnative source from one of: