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  • Camel 2.17.0 Release

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  • This is the last release that will support Java 1.7. Releases after this is expected to require Java 1.8+. 
  • When installing the camel feature in Apache Karaf, then camel-spring is not longer installed by default. You need to install camel-spring feature if using spring-dm on Karaf. 
  • Reworked the Apache Karaf feature to not install camel-spring by default. The problem is camel-spring is using spring-dm which is only supports Spring 3.x, and therefore Spring 3.x was installed and used. All the Camel features that uses Spring JARs are now using Spring 4.x.
  • Removed camel-docker from karaf features as it does not work in OSGi
  • Some changes in Rest DSL to adjust naming and types to the Swagger Spec 2.0
  • Any custom component that supports suspension in doSuspend/doResume should implement the new Suspendable marker interface, so Camel knows there is custom logic for suspension in the component.
  • Exchange and Message only output id in their toString method to avoid outputting any message details such as sensitive details from message bodies.
  • Removed camel-hbase as Karaf feature as it did not really work well in OSGi
  • Upgraded camel-hbase to Hadoop 2.x and HBase 1.1.x
  • camel-infinispan requires Java 8.
  • camel-mustache requires Java 8.
  • Support for Spring 4.0.x is deprecated. Support for Spring 3.x is being removed in the next release.
  • Support for Karaf 2.x and 3.x is deprecated. And removed in next release, where Karaf 4.x onwards is only supported.
  • camel-jetty8 is deprecated and being removed in next release.
  • Moved some Camel tooling related dependencies (such as maven/plexus) from the Camel Parent BOM to the tooling BOM (to have them separated).
  • camel-amqp do not support 0.9 anymore. 
  • camel-spring-integration feature has been removed from the Camel karaf.
  • The Mail component now requires to configure to, cc, and bcc using lower case keys, eg, instead of as previously.
  • The File consumer no longer probe the file content by default. See the option probeContentType for more details.
  • If using Bean or Class component and specifying additional parameters in the endpoint uri to configure on the bean, then these options should now be prefixed with bean., eg foo=123 is now
  • The Twitter delay option is changed from seconds to milli seconds by default, eg 10 should be 10000 to indicate 10 seconds. This is aligned how other components with delay option behaves. 
  • The options attributeNames and messageAttributeNames on AWS-SQS is changed to a string type where you can separate multiple values using comma. Before the type was a Collection which was much harder to configure in the Camel uris.
  • Rest DSL is exposing the REST services using all local IP address (eg by default, instead of the local IP address of the host.
  • The hbase component now require row mapping from the endpoint uri to be prefixed with row. as prefix.
    Before: family=info&qualifier=firstName&family2=birthdate&qualifier2=year. After:
  • As part of the Camel CDI component refactoring, DeltaSpike is not used anymore for the sourcing of the configuration properties. This new version of the component is agnostic to any configuration sourcing mechanism and delegates that concern to the application so that it can declare a custom PropertiesComponent bean whose sourcing is tailored to its need. DeltaSpike can still be used by the application by declaring a PropertiesComponent bean configured with a PropertiesParser relying on DeltaSpike. See the camel-example-cdi-properties example for more details.
  • The Kafka component has been migrated to use the Java Kafka client instead of Scala. As such there may be migration efforts or code changes that can affect users upgrading.
  • Improved Rest DSL when CORS enabled to process and return the configured CORS headers in the rest-dsl in all the supported Rest DSL components.
  • The options verb in the Rest DSL has been deprecated and are not in use if CORS is enabled.
  • camel-gae is deprecated and will be removed from Camel 2.18 onwards.

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