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ignite-1010 Wrong result for ServiceExample when it start without remote node
ignite-1182 control-center-agent: user should be able to specify loggin configuration
ignite-1197 GridDhtInvalidPartitionException in GridDhtLocalPartition.release
ignite-187 GridManager should be able to add custom attributes
ignite-274 Cleanup Visor code with "TODO GG-9141"
ignite-275 Rework Visor events collector logic to be flexible
ignite-282 Restore IgfsSizeSelfTest test
ignite-285 Near cache entry is not removed after READ_COMMITTED transaction
ignite-560-1 Assert in GridCacheMapEntry.innerUpdate (invalid entry)
ignite-663 Need fix build under jdk 8.
ignite-737 ClusterGroup.forDataNodes() returns empty cluster group for daemon node
ignite-80 Hangs on queue creation in multinode tests
ignite-80-1 Hangs on queue creation in multinode tests
ignite-889 Value is not loaded from store in pessimistic transaction if loadPreviousValue is false
ignite-983 Add translation of primitive types to object types.
ignite-1159 Redundant MVCC queue iteration may be removed
ignite-45-streaming Support start/close/destroy cache at runtime
ignite-970 Restore IPC shared memory TCP communication SPI
ignite-1002 Deserialized CachesFilter doesn't have reference to Ignite instance
ignite-728 Need to reimplement CREATE-TIME-TTL as eviction policy
ignite-868 Fix GridUpdateNotifierSelfTest.testNotifier
ignite-956 Make version of scalar compatible with scala 2.10
ignite-456 [Public TC] Need to complete patch validation mechanism.
ignite-488 Configure TeamCity to run suites on demand under java8
ignite-648-failover Implement framework for multi JVM unit tests
ignite-648-fix Implement framework for multi JVM unit tests
ignite-648-putAll Implement framework for multi JVM unit tests
ignite-664 [TC] Need to split Ignite cache suite
ignite-695 Enable broken tests with TODOs and mute them on TC (TestSuites)
ignite-837 Remote node do not send EVT_NODE_LEFT when stopping.
ignite-867 Configure RAT to not fail builds before test run.
ignite-1462 Hide Portable API in Ignite 1.4 release
ignite-909 Support HadoopExternalSplit in HadoopV2Context to get pig jobs to function
ignite-888 Web interface to monitoring cluster state.
ignite-1061 XML configuration is loaded multiple times when using IgniteContext
ignite-1198 Spark integration: problem when create instance with ignite default config
ignite-1490 Memory leaks during load testing (+ nearcache)
ignite-410 Need to remove NIOBackpressureControl
ignite-1173 Hive over Ignite integration should be documented in public
ignite-1269 ignite-hadoop assembly needs to include ignite-indexing
ignite-665 Integrate Ignite with BigTop.
ignite-1046 Docker container for Ignite
ignite-323 Add SSL support to communication SPI
ignite-323-bench Add SSL support to communication SPI
ignite-632 Ignite internals may call internal API on stop which may cause NPE
ignite-721 Ignite.destroyCache hang when set FairAffinity Function
ignite-112 Move all query unit tests to new API
ignite-624 'Union' and 'Union all' do not supported in SqlFieldsQuery
ignite-698 Need to make sure to ignore "select ...' in SqlQuery.
ignite-699 Need to make sure that full caches are not copied to client nodes
ignite-713-gridtests [Unused tests] Children of GridCacheAbstractFieldsQuerySelfTest are never used
ignite-1019 Resources are not injected on cache store factory
ignite-1076 missing java.sql classes
ignite-1286 Platforms .Net: Create solution and empty projects "core", "test", "test-runner"
ignite-498 "Failed to retrieve file's data block" error on igfs:// when amount of used igfs:// space is close to maximum
ignite-1097 IgniteFuture.chain() unwraps exceptions incorrectly.
ignite-1165 Assertion error is thrown in OFFHEAP_TIERED mode and near cache enabled.
ignite-37 Improve offheap metrics for cache
ignite-59-remove-filters Support lock, lockAll
ignite-714 Need to implement fail-fast node failure detection
ignite-96 Need To remove all extra methods from cache entry according to JCache spec
ignite-1790 Implement an Apache Camel Data Streamer
ignite-1753 & ignite-1753-1282 Rework CacheJdbcPojoStore to new API (feature completed and merged into master)
ignite-1989 Update scala dependencies (feature merged into master)
ignite-1990 Fix (fix merged into master)

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