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  $ git clone
  $ cd hive
  $ mvn clean install package -Pdist
  $ cd packaging/target/apache-hive-{version}-SNAPSHOT-bin/apache-hive-{version}-SNAPSHOT-bin
  $ ls
  bin/ (all the shell scripts)
  lib/ (required jar files)
  conf/ (configuration files)
  examples/ (sample input and query files)
  hcatalog / (hcatalog installation)
  scripts / (upgrade scripts for hive-metastore)


In branch-1, Hive supports both Hadoop 1.x and 2.x.  You will need to specify which version of Hadoop to build against via a Maven profile.  To build against Hadoop 1.x use the profile hadoop-1; for Hadoop 2.x use hadoop-2.  For example to build against Hadoop 1.x, the above mvn command becomes:

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  $ mvn clean install package -Phadoop-1,dist

Compile Hive Prior to 0.13 on Hadoop 0.20