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Apache Fineract (\’fīn-,ә-,rakt\) is open source software for financial services. See our homepage

Fineract provides a reliable, robust, and affordable solution for entrepreneurs, financial institutions, and service providers to offer financial services to the world’s 2 billion underbanked and unbanked. Fineract is aimed at innovative mobile and cloud-based solutions, and enables digital transaction accounts for all. 


Fineract 1.x is a banking platform with open APIs. It is in use in dozens of countries and hundreds of institutions globally.  A precursor project (mifos initiative) has been used in Microfinance Institutions since 2006 (generation 1).  

The Mifos initiative contributed the backend platform code to Apache Foundation in December 2015.  In April of 2017 Fineract graduated to a top-level project at Apache.  



Fineract CN takes a different approach.  It looked at the forks that were occuring on the active Fineract1.x project and sought to reduce that behavior by creating a composable release.  The architecture is microservices and build on cloud native technologies like cloud spring. 

The Mifos initiative contributed the fineract-CN code in October 2017.  

Because these are microservices, intending to be developed completely independently of each other, there are approximately 30 different git repositories.  

On Jira tickets, please see the label CN.