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Adrian was one year older than me. So I had a shock when I learnt he passed away. I did not have the chance to meet him face to face but we exchanged many times ideas and often agreed on them, even if sometimes it was hard to follow him. Adrian, was a perfectionist, a real one. I had and still have a lot of respect for the man and his work. Without him OFBIz would not be what it is today. I not only miss you Adrian, the project and the community do!

Jacques Le Roux


Adrian was one of the best tech savvy person. I learnt a lot from him. When I became committer in year 2007 and started committing the code in OFBiz repository then he used to help in reviewing the work. His comments was very supportive one and that helped me to do even better for the project. Adrian was passionate about the work that he did for Apache OFBiz. He will be missed very much. Rest in peace, Adrian!  

Ashish Vijaywargiya