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Comment: Add KIP-56 and KIP-57 and move non committed items to the bottom of the list


In progress, most of the functionality is committedCommitted
KIP-28Kafka Streams Committed
KIP-31Relative offsets in compressed messagesKAFKA-2511Committed
KIP-32Add timestamps to messagesKAFKA-2511Committed
KIP-36Rack awarenessKAFKA-1215Committed
KIP-41KafkaConsumer max recordsKAFKA-3007 Committed
KIP-42Client interceptorsKAFKA-3162 Committed
KIP-45Standardize client sequencesKAFKA-3006Committed
KIP-51List Connectors REST APIKAFKA-3316Committed
KIP-4Admin APIKAFKA-1694Changes to Metadata Protocol committed
KIP-33Time-based indexKAFKA-3163In review - not included in releaseKIP-35Protocol version improvementsKAFKA-3304 Committed
KIP-43SASL improvementsKAFKA-3149 Committed
KIP-52Connector Control APIKAFKA-2370, KAFKA-3506Committed
KIP-56Allow cross origin HTTP requests on all HTTP methodsKAFKA-3578Committed
KIP-57Interoperable LZ4 FramingKAFKA-3160Committed
KIP-33Time-based indexKAFKA-3163In review - not included in release
KIP-47Timestamp-based deletion policyKAFKA-3224In vote
KIP-49Fair Partition Assignment policy



Under discussion
KIP-50Improve Authz interfaceKAFKA-3186In review - not included in releaseKIP-52Connector Control APIKAFKA-2370, KAFKA-3506