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The Traffic Server project tracks all open issues, feature requests, bugs, and other tasks in JIRA at on Github. If you do not already have an improvement in mind, and would rather look for an existing need that is not currently being addressed, browsing through the open and unclaimed issues is highly recommended. Open issues cover functionality or deficiencies already identified by other members of the community, so tackling one of these can be a great introduction.

Submitting Changes

Submissions to the Traffic Server project must follow the contribution process outlined here. At a minimum, all code contributions must:

  • Have a JIRA issue, and
  • Be submitted as a GitHub pull request.

Patches submitted by any other process, or which do not reference a JIRA issue, will likely be met with a request to follow the steps described below.

Opening A JIRA Issue

Log in, or create an account, at and first ensure that there is no existing issue covering your submission. Assuming there is not:

  • Click the Create link near the top of the page.
  • Ensure that Traffic Server is the project selected.
  • Choose an appropriate option for Issue Type, based on the submission you wish to offer.
  • Fill out the Summary and Description with as much detail as possible.
  • Whenever possible, select the components of Traffic Server which are relevant to the submission.

Before opening new JIRA issues, it is strongly recommended to discuss the feature request, bug fix, etc. on the mailing lists or in IRC. Others in the community may be able to provide insights, suggestions, or alternative approaches to the issue. Working through those first can increase the chances of a successful contribution to the project.

Creating A GitHub Pull Request

Once you have a JIRA issue open, you will need to provide the actual patch(es) for your submission.