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  • Identify a list of approximately 10 key re-factoring areas (5 easier, 5 more difficult)
  • Ask the Community for volunteers to help re-factor in these selected areas
  • Tick off each area as it is completed
  • Use of JIRA for tracking work (e.g open a master issue for each area identified and include individual sub-tasks)
  • Use of JIRA to organise sprints if required

  • Use the trunk as the main code source for the framework re-factor


  • A short to-do list of is good number to highlight the key areas
  • A  list will help focus the community on what needs to be done
  • As one area is finished we can easily move to another
  • Over time the initial re-factoring will make further re-factoring easier

Current List of Re-factoring Focus Areas


If you are interested in working (or are in the process of working) on any of these areas then please add your name in the column below.



helping us with this re-factor effort then please take a look at the list of tasks that we'd like to focus on in our Current Re-Factor To Do List