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$ --zookeeper localhost:2181 --topic testTopic --from-beginning --consumer.config
This is a message
This is another message

Performance Comparison

Following numbers are obtained by running Kafka's ProducerPerformance tests on a three node Kafka cluster, one node Zookeeper and one node Sentry service. All tests are run from same host and test topic has three partitions with three set as replication factor.

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Future Work

Though Kafka authorization via Sentry works and it works nicely, there are a few more things that can be done here.

  • Add caching of Sentry privilege objects, re-creating these privilege objects is costly and has been raised as concern on Sentry's dev mailing list as well. This will further improve Sentry's Kafka authorizer's performance.
  • Add a native script, similar to the example added above, to allow users to get started with performing CRUD operations on roles and privileges out-of-the-box.
  • Refactor the authorizer code after KIP-50 goes in Kafka.