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  • Camel 2.18.0 Release

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  • Java 1.8 is now required.
  • Karaf 2.4.x is no longer supported. Karaf 4.0.x is the primary supported OSGi platform.
  • Jetty 8.x is no longer supported and camel-jetty8 has been removed
  • spring 4.0 is no longer supported and camel-test-spring40 has been removed
  • spring 3.x is no longer supported
  • Upgraded to Spring 4.3.x and Spring Boot 1.4.x
  • (only spring-dm using spring 3.2.x as part of camel-spring in osgi/karaf is still in use - but spring-dm is deprecated and we recommend using blueprint)
  • Spring-DM for OSGi moved out of camel-spring into a separate camel-spring-dm module. If using Spring XML with Spring-DM then you need to install camel-spring-dm feature in Karaf/ServiceMix.
  • The deprecated @LazyLoadTypeConverter has been removed from all Camel Test modules
  • camel-gae has been removed (was not working anyway)
  • The access in the Rest DSL has been deprecated and no longer in use - its not part of swagger specification anymore.
  • Removed the deprecated maven archetypes for SOAP WS using CXF with OSGi Blueprint
  • The XML DSL will preserve double spaces in the context-path of uri attributes when removing white space noise, when uri's are configured using mutli lines.
  • Optimize Camel to only enable AllowUseOriginalMessage if in use by error handler or OnCompletion. End user who manually access the original message using the Java API must configure AllowUseOriginalMessage=true.
  • The FTPS component is now using known hosts file from the user.home/.ssh directory by default. Set the option useUserKnownHostsFile=false to use old behavior.
  • the MongoDB component is migrated to MongoDB 3. Returned objects might be different e.g. findAll always returns an Iterable (FindIterable or ArrayList). Sometimes the returning of headers is remove e.g. for the paged findAll the total size isn't fetch
  • the Salesforce component doesn't use jodatime anymore. It uses the java 8 ZonedDateTime. DTO's need to be changed or regenerated.
  • The camel-testng module is deprecated, use the JUnit based test modules instead.
  • The camel-cache module is deprecated, you should use camel-ehcache instead.
  • The camel-docker module has been removed from Karaf features as it does not work in OSGi
  • In camel-xslt selecting saxon using the object model url does not work anymore (see doc), you need to explicit seth both the model url and the implementation class or use dsl/xml shortcut to enable saxon.