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Introduced in Hive version 0.11. See HIVE-2935.

Beeline –


Command Line Shell

HiveServer2 supports a new command shell Beeline that works with HiveServer2. It's a JDBC client that is based on the SQLLine CLI ( There’s detailed documentation of SQLLine which is applicable to Beeline as well.

Replacing the Implementation of Hive CLI Using Beeline

The Beeline shell works in both embedded mode as well as remote mode. In the embedded mode, it runs an embedded Hive (similar to Hive CLI) whereas remote mode is for connecting to a separate HiveServer2 process over Thrift. Starting in Hive 0.14, when Beeline is used with HiveServer2, it also prints the log messages from HiveServer2 for queries it executes to STDERR.


 HIVE-11488 (Hive 2.0.0) adds the support of logging queryId and sessionId to HiveServer2 log file. To enable that, edit/add %X{queryId} and %X{sessionId} to the pattern format string of the logging configuration file.


HiveServer2 has a new JDBC driver. It supports both embedded and remote access to HiveServer2.