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CategoryWork ItemOwnerETAStatusNotes (updates/ risks/ etc)
ScopeDiscuss scope on dev mailing listDev community   See this e-mail thread.

Create Release Branch in Git

Create version in JIRA: 1.0.0-incubating.M3

Update versionNumber in

Release Manager   
PreparationAll Tests pass/ Nightly builds stableKirk/ Anil?   
PackagingRelease NotesRelease Manager  Link:
Internal Review
Validate Release checklist itemsRelease Manager   
SigningCode signing for artifactsRelease Manager   
PMC Review     
VotingPMC vote and publishingRM/ Mentor?   Voting
PublishingArtifacts in Maven RepoRelease Manager   

Changes to website - docs, link to release bits, etc

Greg/ William

David Barnes

AnnouncementAnnounce to user mailing lists/ etcRelease Manager