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Bootloader is now available for all supported BSPs including nRF52 boards, Rigado BMD-300 eval board (also based on the nRF52 SoC), and Olimex boards.

Known Issues

1. Default application task size is too small when full logging is enabled.

 This results in stack overflow when full logging is enabled. The fix is to increase the bleprph app task stack size from 200 words to 288 words. The change may be applied to the current release by modifying apps/bleprph/src/main.c as follows:

 #define BLEPRPH_STACK_SIZE          (OS_STACK_ALIGN(288))

Alternatively, the user may choose to use the fixed code in the "develop" branch in the repository. The fix will be available as part of the download package in the next release.


2. BLE peripheral devices may become unresponsive to the service discovery requests from the central device.

The "Bleprph" application may not instruct the host to send the initial startup sequence to the controller.  The result is that BLE events are masked in the controller (i.e., the controller doesn't send the necessary notifications to the host).  The immediate issue is that the host is not informed when a connection is established.  Because the host does not know about connections being established, it is unresponsive to the service discovery that the central performs immediately after connecting.  The central eventually disconnects when its service discovery operation times out.