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  • [RANGER-843] - Add indexes to improve Postgres query performance
  • [RANGER-844] - Optimize policy retrieval for non-admin users
  • [RANGER-848] - Policy listing page: users column is empty for non-admin users


  • [RANGER-794] - Ranger policy engine performance measurement
  • [RANGER-799] - Ranger UI fixes - partial search not working on Policy listing page
  • [RANGER-836] - Optimize policy download to plugins - by not including unused fields
  • [RANGER-863] - Make parameters like maxHttpHeaderSize configurable for EmbeddedServer
  • [RANGER-875] - Restrict Grantor privileges of Ranger db user for Oracle DB Flavour
  • [RANGER-882] - Policy engine initialization should handle incorrect values in policies
  • [RANGER-885] - ClassCastException in SolrClient
  • [RANGER-888] - Provide support to delete Users and Groups from Ranger Admin UI
  • [RANGER-891] - Audit shutdown hook to be registered with Hadoop ShutdownHookManager, instead of directly with Java Runtime
  • [RANGER-894] - Ranger ldap tool is ignoring OU's from user search base
  • [RANGER-910] - Improve db and java patches execution logic to make that more robust
  • [RANGER-921] - Improve implementation of internal SQL calls and make it more generic
  • [RANGER-934] - Ranger should use released version of EclipseLink
  • [RANGER-960] - Service-def update does not preserve the order in which permissions are listed


  • [RANGER-746] - Ranger Admin: Add wildcard, multiple CN & SAN support when validating plugins' SSL certs
  • [RANGER-857] - Unify (and update) Tomcat versions
  • [RANGER-889] - Policy engine API to find list of users/groups having access to a resource


  • [RANGER-806] - Ranger cli utility to delete users from Ranger DB
  • [RANGER-881] - How to add Ranger authorization for an application? Sample
  • [RANGER-927] - Modify the ranger-0.5 branch version to 0.5.3-SNAPSHOT instead of 0.5.0 (since it is not released yet)
  • [RANGER-950] - Release Ranger 0.5.3