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  • Git Pull Request work flow

     1. First of all, contributor needs github account if you don't have one already. 

     2. Then fork the Apache Mnemonic git repository to your account.

     3. Then go to your machine's git shell command prompt and clone your forked repository. commandCommand: git clone <FORKED REPO>



  • _REPO.git>. 

         This will have one remote that will be named as origin by default.

     4. Then git remote add original branch as upstream. Command: git remote add upstream <ORIGINAL_REPO.git>. 

         You can update branch like :git fetch upstream/master

         So, now we have 2 remotes(origin, upstream) added. Origin is for forked repository and upstream is for original Mnemonic apache repository. 

     5. Create local branch for your work at forked branch master. Command: git checkout -b <branch-name>. 

      So, here master is default trunk code base and <branch-name> is the working branch on forked repo.


    5) create local branch for your work at forked branch master. Lets say branch test. then master and test are the code 2 bases. Push this created branch to your forked repo.
    4) git checkout test if you are in master. Do your work here
    5) then get pull request from UI by comparing to base forked branch to your local created and pushed branch test.
    6) After creating pull and merged to main repo, you can safely remove this test branch.
    7. after that you can upto date forked master with upstream master by : git rebase upstream/master